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Code And Get Hired: DBS Wants To Recruit More Female Developers Via Its Hackathon This Year

Two years ago, DBS announced the launch of its Hack2Hire initiative, where it ditched conventions and hired fresh talent via a coding challenge and hackathon.

This year’s edition of Hack2Hire has the same purpose – to “attract the best and brightest tech talent”.

DBS is also working with the same partners – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloudera, and Pivotal; but 2019 also marks the launch of a new focus within the programme – gender diversity.

Called ‘Hack2Hire-Her’, DBS has partnered with tech company ThoughtWorks and non-profit organisations Girls in Tech and Coding Girls to increase its outreach to more female potential applicants.

DBS Hack2Hire-Her will be held in conjunction with International Women’s Day (8 Mar) this year, and features a two-week festival with talks and events on gender diversity.

Said Soh Siew Choo, Managing Director and Head of Consumer Banking and Big Data Analytics Technology at DBS: “Females continue to be under-represented in the technology space.”

“Increasing female representation in our technology roles will enable us to tap into a wider talent pool and ensure greater diversity of ideas in everything we build.”

DBS Is Hiring – Both Male And Female Applicants Are Welcome

Regardless of whether you’re male or female, DBS’ Hack2Hire is now open for application online.

The bank is also looking to hire “as many technologists as it can find across 10 roles”. These roles include Android/iOS Developers, Data Engineers, Solutions Architects, Security Engineers, and Chao Engineers.

In this year’s hackathon segment, participants will be challenged to create an intelligent bank.

Shortlisted candidates from the hackathon will be offered full-time roles at DBS.

Find out more, and apply for a spot at:

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