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Gojek Drivers To Get Free Data And Re-contract Discounts Under Singtel Plans

In an announcement on Wednesday (24 April), ride-hailing firm Gojek announced its partnership with Singapore’s telecommunications company Singtel.

Under this partnership, Gojek drivers will get discounts on mobile phone plans and mobile data perks, on top of the existing benefits package that was rolled out on 1 April to selected drivers, TODAY said.

The current benefits package includes driver earnings protection coverage, fuel rebates, and medical teleconsultation services, and will be made available to all drivers from June.

The added benefits are the first of its kind for private-hire drivers in Singapore.

Greater Savings For Drivers

Drivers can take up any of the five phone subscription plans, that cost about $30 to $240, and get “data-free usage of the Gojek app”, TODAY wrote.

To be eligible for these benefits, drivers need to present their identity cards and driver app on their phones when they sign up.

Gojek drivers can stand to save between $10 to $20 a month with the new benefits, and when they re-contract, they’ll get a 20% discount on the subscription, free caller-ID service, and preferential rates on Singtel’s lifestyle services, which includes dining platform HungryGoWhere.

As a majority of Gojek drivers are Singtel customers, the new telco perks will likely benefit more than half their current pool of drivers.

General Manager of Gojek Singapore, Lien Choong Luen told TODAY that the third largest expense for drivers, aside from car rental and petrol, is the cost that comes with “the tools of the trade, which include mobile phones and data plans”.

Drivers are still on-the-grid as their apps continue to run in the background all day, he suggested.

“While these are micro behaviours, when we add them up, that will aggregate and create a better service for consumers,” he said.

“Overall, if you look at what value really means, it is around timeliness, quality of rides and service standards.”

Win-Win For Gojek Drivers & Riders

For all Singtel customers on their newly-launched GOMO plan, they will each receive a $5 promo code on Gojek rides.

More details and ride-hailing promotions will be rolled out to other Singtel customers later.

When asked if Gojek will keep pushing out more promotions, Lien acknowledged that price is just one factor, but fighting the price war is “not sustainable in the long run” and that they “want to be able to deliver on other service qualities”.

Lien shared, “We have big goals and big ambitions, but really, first, let’s take care of our drivers. Let’s get some of these fundamentals right.”

“We’ve been incubating some ideas, but we really want to get this right, deliver good services for drivers so that they can take care of our riders.”

Yesterday (23 April), Grab launched four new functions on its “everyday super app”, which allows users to book tickets, hotels, stream movies, and plan their commute on the app.

In response to TODAY’s query on how Gojek intends to “tackle the competition”, Lien emphasised again on giving good service and timely rides.

Seems like Gojek is taking a more service-oriented, community-focused approach to build a loyal driver base to maybe, slow down their burn rate.

However, results from this strategy will require some time to show – if successful, Gojek may come out tops in market sentiments for ride-hailing and dramatically narrow the gap between its rival in Singapore.

Featured Image Credit: Kentaro Iwamoto, Nikkei Asian Review

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