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Keep Calm And Play PANIK: SGAG's New Trivia Game App Lets You Win Up To $1,000 Every Week

If you revel in the fact that you’re a database of random trivia about Singapore, there’s an app that might just reward you for it.

HEPMIL Media Group, best known for social media website SGAG, has just launched a new app which integrates livestreaming with trivia quizzes.

Called PANIK, the app featured a live trivia game show that lets players answer questions based on local topics ranging from general trivia to popular culture.

Hosted by SGAG cast members Fauzi and Nadia, the game show first aired on 21 April (Sun) and garnered over 2,500 live users then.

The big winner that night took home $729.02.

To win cash, participants simply need to answer a series of 10 questions and collect points for each correct answer.

Those who score the highest points will win cash from a pot that rolls from $1,000.

Participants will also have the option to enter a bonus PANIK round for an all-or-nothing final question, in which the first person to answer correctly wins the entire pot.

For now, the maximum amount a participant can win is $1,000, but that is only possible if all top scorers decide to pool their winning and choose the ‘GO BIG’ option.

To cash out winnings, participants will only need a minimum of $10 to cash out through GIRO transfer.

PANIK also doesn’t eliminate participants who answer questions wrongly, essentially making the grand prize a free-for-all.

The app was built by SGAG’s in-house engineering team, and was launched in line with HEPMIL Media Group’s overarching diversification and expansion strategy.

Said Benjamin Ng, Head Developer of PANIK and Tech Lead: “We saw the success that the live game show format was having overseas and the huge potential of bringing it to Singaporeans with a localised spin.”

Added co-founder of SGAG and HEPMIL Media Group Karl Mak, “Existing significantly where people are has always been our core focus, and till now that has meant leveraging on social platforms.”

“With PANIK, it’s a step towards building something of our own, and gathering people on the digital space. It’s once a week, come play with us, and have fun.”

According to the press release, HEPMIL Media Group also has other plans lined up. This includes new long-form video shows, regional editions of The Singaporean Dream card game, and physical offline events.

PANIK will run weekly for 10 episodes on Sunday nights at 9:30pm.

The PANIK app is now available for download for Android and iOS.

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