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The King's Decree – No More Plastic Lids And Straws For Burger King S'pore Dine-In Customers

Efforts to reduce waste created by single-use plastics are being increasingly adopted around the world.

In Singapore, we’re still producing a massive amount of plastic waste—according to the Singapore Environment Council, we generated 815,200 tonnes last year.

However, change always starts somewhere, and it’s great to see that movements to reduce our reliance on single-use plastic are gaining traction here too.

Beyond small independent startups that have championed the switch from plastic straws to alternatives like reusable metal or bamboo ones, the trend has also gone mainstream with large corporations.

Since June, food delivery firm Deliveroo has required customers to opt-in for plastic cutleries if they should need them.

Fast food chain KFC also stopped serving drinks with plastic cup lids and straws at all of their 84 restaurants in Singapore.

Now, another fast food company is following in the tracks of a positive change.

Burger King has put a halt on plastic lids and straws too, since Monday, 15 October.

They will not be giving dine-in customers lids and straws with their drinks at all of their 42 outlets in Singapore, but customers will still be able to request for them if necessary.

Lids and straws will still be provided for takeaway and delivery orders.

Burger King Singapore General Manager, Goh Chin Hou, hopes that customers will “rethink whether they really need” plastic lids and straws.

“When more organisations adopt the initiative, we believe it will send a positive signal to the community and we hope that ripples will eventually turn to waves,” he says.

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