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SMEs, this 2-day KL conference will reveal strategies on how you can use AI for your biz

[This is a sponsored article with Owners Circle.]

Since the launch of ChatGPT last November, artificial intelligence (AI) development has been kicked into overdrive.

Tech giants, from Google and Microsoft to TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, have been investing heavily in AI-powered systems such as chatbots and content discovery algorithms.

Understandably so, small business owners may mistakenly believe that AI exclusively benefits large enterprises. They may also be hesitant to adopt AI as they lack deep technical expertise.

That’s according to Jonathan Quek, who founded Owners Circle, a company that provides SMEs with tools and business coaching services to help them scale.

To give SME owners insights into how they too can leverage AI in their businesses, Owners Circle is hosting a two-day conference called Business Growth Summit 2023: The AI Revolution.

Sign-ups are now open, and the summit will be held August 3-4, at the Cheras North International Convention Centre (CNICC).

Uncover the potential of AI for your small business

“In response to market opportunities that will arise in 2023, we understand that the real challenge lies not in being replaced by AI, but in being surpassed by businesses that effectively leverage AI,” Jonathan stated.

“While developing advanced AI models and algorithms may require specialised skills, there are user-friendly AI tools, platforms, and pre-built solutions available that do not necessitate deep technical expertise.”

That’s exactly what the Business Growth Summit 2023 intends to expand on, so you can get inspired and learn how to adopt AI for your business processes.

You’ll get to hear about real-life case studies of how other Malaysian business leaders from various industries have made AI work for their companies.

Kicking off the conference on Day 1, Jonathan will take the stage with his opening speech on how your business can use AI to generate leads and drive sales conversions.

Owners Circle’s Chief Growth Officer, Raymond Chou will follow up with his talk that will shine a light on AI’s hidden potential that could help make you a better visionary leader in your company.

Other speakers will expand on topics like “Blue Ocean Strategy In The Age of AI” as well as “How AI Is Revolutionalising Small Business Accounting”.

Hear the stories and strategies of notable business leaders

To support SME owners who may be struggling with declining sales, the conference has brought together a lineup of experienced business leaders. They will share valuable insights on navigating the ever-changing business landscape.

These entrepreneurs are no strangers to Vulcan Post either, as they include names like Timothy Tiah, co-founder of the luxury Malaysian coworking space brand Colony.

He will be joined by Kelvin Long, who heads a creative branding agency and local retail brand called APOM, which is known for its ballsy designs inspired by Malaysian humour.

Beven Tan, Country Manager of SHOPLINE, an ecommerce platform for merchants to create their own online shop, will also be present at the summit to share their insights on SME digitalisation.

By learning from their strategies, you’ll gain the necessary understanding to seize market opportunities for the rest of 2023.

Learn how to take advantage of existing tools in the market

At the end of the day, having insights about AI’s possibilities for your business might be futile if you don’t have the tools to apply that knowledge.

Hence, the Business Growth Summit 2023 is also hosting representatives to showcase some AI tools in the market that can boost your business’s efficiency and productivity.

One of these tools is Microsoft’s Copilot, a generative AI assistant to help you and your team automate tasks like creating documents, reading and summarising emails, crafting presentations, and more.

Microsoft Malaysia’s Partner Technology Strategist, Wilix Hong will demonstrate how using Copilot can help your company automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. This can free up your employees’ time to focus on higher-value activities.


If you’re looking to gain insights on how you can strategically leverage AI for your SME’s growth, you can purchase your tickets to the Business Growth Summit 2023: The AI Revolution starting from RM199 here.

Ultimately, it is important for small businesses to assess their specific needs and objectives to identify areas where AI can have the most significant impact.

While adopting AI may require initial investment and trial and error, the potential benefits could be substantial for your company’s efficiency, customer satisfaction, and competitive edge.

Sign up for Business Growth Summit 2023: The AI Revolution here.Read about other AI-related articles here.

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Featured Image Credit: Owners Circle

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