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We Put Klang Valley’s Ride-Share Apps In A Head-To-Head Price Test

Malaysians love a good deal and are always looking for the most affordable option, be it shopping, food or even transportation. With Grab dominating the e-hailing industry in Malaysia, people are on the lookout for alternatives to Grab as they want a cheaper option.

Since the exit of Uber in Southeast Asia, Grab has become the main player in the Malaysian e-hailing industry. They have not been really challenged by any other e-hailing company so far, with the closest challenger being MyCar who just recently have started to allow digital payments.

Many other e-hailing apps have been popping up hoping to challenge Grab and give them a run for their money.

We decided to do a simple comparison of the prices of the main e-hailing apps in Klang Valley and how different they are from each other, in terms of pricing during peak and non-peak hours and also their overall platform experience.

From Subang Jaya To KL Sentral Before Peak Hours (4:30 pm, Wednesday 16th August)

Take for example I need to head to KL Sentral for a quick meeting.

For MULA, do note that the time stated for the driver to reach the destination was 19 minutes.

For Dacsee, do note that you won’t be able to see the waiting time until you press “Book Now”.

Grab: RM27 and waiting time of 3 minutes

MULA: RM28.98 and waiting time of 19 minutes

EzCab: RM25 and waiting time of 10 minutes

Dacsee: RM29 and does not show waiting time until you press book

MyCar: RM24 and 6 minutes

Do note that all fares shown do not include toll.

Based on the prices above, MyCar is the best choice for non-peak hours as they offer the most affordable fare and the waiting time is reasonable.

From KL Sentral To Subang Jaya During Peak Hour (7 pm, Wednesday 16th August)

Grab: RM42 and waiting time of 5 minutes

MULA: RM28.85 and waiting time of 7 minutes

EzCab: RM40 and waiting time of 2 minutes

Dacsee: RM55 and does not show waiting time until you press book

MyCar: RM44 and 6 minutes

Based on the prices shown above, MULA is the cheapest but it’s a fare estimation, so be prepared to pay more once traffic conditions worsen, especially during peak hours in KL. For peak hours, EzCab seems to have the best rates as they offer the cheapest ride and also the shortest waiting time.

Which Is The Best? You Decide!

Although all have their own pricing models, we take a look at their overall platform and see their pros and cons.

Grab has surge pricing during peak hours and it is up to their algorithm to set the price based on driver availability and number of bookings from a particular location.

Although they have the quickest waiting time (as Grab has a lot of drivers registered under them), sometimes it takes a while for your booking to be accepted by a driver. For example, recently I waited 15 minutes for my booking to be accepted when I was in KL during peak hours and had to wait more than 15 minutes for the ride to get to my location.

For MULA the price shown is only an estimate as it works like a metered taxi where traffic conditions will affect the fare. So if the traffic is smooth you might get a cheaper ride or if you get stuck in a jam, get ready to fork out more.

Although this model is good for drivers as it’s not fixed, consumers might dislike it as they may feel cheated that they have to pay more than what was “estimated”.

For EzCab although they have private cars, they also allow taxi drivers to use their platform so don’t be shocked when a taxi shows up unless you choose the private driver option.

Their prices are quite competitive with Grab and MyCar and can be considered as an alternative.

As for DACSEE, the downside is that you can’t see how long you have to wait for a ride until you hit book and get a driver, but they do have many options for riders to “choose” their drivers, with options from multiple groups such as pet lovers, gamers and such.

You can also continue to choose and use the same driver that you like as the platform actually encourages building a community. However their prices are a bit steep.

For MyCar they also have a surge pricing mechanism during peak hours. They are growing exponentially with more and more drivers signing up with them, as they’re more flexible with their rules and regulations for drivers.

However, riders might not enjoy that as some bad apples might slip through the cracks as their reviews on Facebook show. One reason is probably because those who were banned from Grab registered to drive with MyCar. As they are still new to ride sharing, their customer service is probably not as efficient as Grab’s.


In conclusion, it’s up to you to decide on which e-hailing company is worth it. If you would like a fast and quick ride Grab or MyCar is the best option as they have more drivers on-board, but be prepared to pay more during peak hours. If you want a cheaper ride it really depends on the timing and location.

Personally, I would suggest having around 3 apps on your device so you can switch it up and choose the most affordable option.

Let us know which e-hailing app’s your favourite and why!

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