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Forget About Office Jobs; Outdoor Ones Are The Best – Vulcan Post

If you have an adventurous streak, then office jobs will not give you the job satisfaction you require; unless of course you really love your job. So, what kind of jobs should you consider? If you talk to people like San Antonio Lawn Mowing Services, it is the love of the outdoors that drove them into their career path.

So what are some careers to consider?


Environmentalists are people who are driven by a sincere desire to protect the environment. Depending on the area you specialize in, you may spend a lot of time outdoors collecting and analyzing pertinent information. It does not only mean collecting soil and water samples; there are so many other things you could do including being an advocate, lawyer, researcher among others.


Much like an interior designer, your primary area of focus will be the outdoors. You have to be creative and can look at a barren piece of land and see its potential to transform into something to behold.

So yes, be ready to roll up those sleeves, grab a shovel and get your hands dirty. Of course, you have the option of supervising from a distance, but where is the fun in that?

Dog Walker

To be a dog walker, you must be an animal lover, and animals must be able to respond well to you if you want to excel at this job. Remember animals smell hostility and they are usually the best judges of character.

Oh yeah, you need to have a high tolerance level because the amount of poop you will be collecting on your daily walks with the canines has the potential to turn the strongest stomachs.

Travel blogger or vlogger

If you like to travel and can translate your journeys into great content, then you should consider blogging or vlogging. Some people make a great living this way and get paid lots of money to promote particular tourist destinations.

Tour Guide

Being a tour guide requires that you know the areas in and out, have a curious mind, be willing to learn and be able to interact with all kinds of people. Knowledge of a foreign language is an added advantage especially if you are working with a touring company.

Take this up a notch by being an adventure guide. You will take visitors on trips up mountains, into caves, take fishing trips, among others. Of course, your physical fitness levels have to be very high. You do not want you guests slowing down to carry you up the mountain, do you?


Do cars fascinate you? Are you able to diagnose a problem by merely listening to the engine of a car? If yes, a mechanic or car technician is an excellent job for you. If you do not have a problem with grease under your fingernails, then you are good to go.


While an office job is absolutely fine, there are however so many other jobs that do not require you to sit in a tiny cubicle the whole day.

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