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Grab's Latest Source Of Revenue: GrabAds To Help Brands Advertise Online And Offline In SEA

Grab has launched GrabAds, an advertising unit that will allow brands to engage with Grab’s Southeast Asian consumers across its online-to-offline platforms.

The ride-hailing firm says theirs will be the only advertising platform that is able to marry an extensive physical fleet of vehicles with a strong digital presence across 8 countries and more than 200 cities in Southeast Asia.

Utilising its big data capabilities and local market insights, Grab believes it will be able to cut through the noise to create meaningful consumer engagement for brands by segmenting their audiences.

The company also says that GrabAds will increase revenue streams for its driver-partners and delivery-partners.

As GrabAds’ offerings are modular and customisable, drivers will have full flexibility in choosing their preferred advertising options to complement their income.

According to a press release from Grab, “driver- and delivery-partners across the region who participated in past ad campaigns earned up to 10% in additional income”.

Where Will We See GrabAds?

While there is currently no word about which countries GrabAds has launched in, we know that Grab has secured partnerships with clients and advertising management companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Dove, Shopee, Pepsi, Head and Shoulders, and Tokopedia are some of GrabAds’ regional clients.

Its advertising management partners in Singapore include Carblicity, IRIS, Display Science and MMI.

GrabAds will offer ad placements under three broad categories:

1. Mobile billboards

These will be ads on the physical exterior of Grab’s vehicle fleets, which “journey more than 100 million kilometres per week” and are seen by “more than 10 million people per minute” across Southeast Asia.

Grab’s cars, buses, and bikes will all be utilised as roving billboards around the region.

2. In-car engagement

GrabAds will allow brands to tap on users experiences on their Grab rides by providing in-car branding.

Besides digital displays and short-form content on in-car tablets, Grab also plans to let clients connect with consumers through sampling and retail during their trips.

3. In-app engagement

GrabAds will let clients customise interactive widgets like quizzes, content, and games within the Grab app.

Brands can also offer customers exclusive promo codes during their rides.

A Win For Both Brands And Grab Drivers?

Across these platforms, Grab says brands will be able to run integrated campaigns best suited to their audiences.

Head of GrabAds, Nasheet Islam says, “As our online and offline worlds become one, brands are now more focused than ever in designing and delivering seamless integrated experiences for their customers across multiple channels.”

“GrabAds helps brands tap into our extensive vehicle fleet and increasing digital footprint to reach a wider audience base in Southeast Asia.”

He also adds, “We are committed to helping driver- and delivery-partners achieve additional and consistent monthly income from GrabAds, while helping brands achieve maximum exposure and engagement with their customers.”

Featured Image Credit: GrabAds

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