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Grab Had An Hour-Long Glitch That Gave Riders $6 Fares Regardless Of Destination In S'pore

Many Grab users have been complaining of price hike, so it was a joy for users when they realised that ride-hailing app Grab is having a glitch that gave them $6 fares – regardless of destination.

Beyond just Singapore, this glitch also affected riders and drivers in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia as well.

A Grab driver who reported this issue to Channel NewsAsia said that the problem began at around 3.25pm.

According to him, trips to anywhere in Singapore was a flat rate of $6 for JustGrab booking – even for international trips!

At around 3.50pm, a trip from Pioneer Road in Singapore to Bangkok also cost $6.

Many drivers were perplexed by this glitch and called in to Grab, but the hotline was flooded.

Because of the low fares, many drivers did not accept incoming job offers, which affected their acceptance rate. This however, was a huge setback as drivers have to maintain a certain acceptance rate to qualify for incentives.

To avoid staining their record, some even went offline while waiting for Grab to fix the issue, which was only resolved at around 4.15pm.

In Indonesia, one user reported on Twitter that Grab’s fare dropped to 13,000 rupiah (S$1.18), from the usual 40,000 rupiah ($3.63).

Grab has yet to respond to queries regarding this matter. We’ll update this story once we receive any updates.

Featured Image Credit: Dealstreetasia / CNA reader

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