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Grab FINALLY Lets You Send Photos Of Your Location To The Driver So They Can Find You

In 2017, Grab launched GrabChat, the in-app chat function, that lets users and drivers message each other directly.

Most of the time, the chat is used by drivers to inform their passengers they have arrived, or for passengers to describe their exact pick-up location to drivers.

Now, Grab passengers can finally share a photo of their exact location, and drivers can spend less time deciphering a text message full of words while looking for their passengers.

According to Grab, 33% of all bookings in Singapore use GrabChat, and bookings with GrabChat have been proven to reduce cancellations by up to 50% across Southeast Asia.

Frequency of drivers cancelling rides because of “passenger no show” has decreased by 40% in Singapore.

The company believes this would bring down the rate of cancellations and improve the pick-up experience for both drivers and passengers greatly.

Grab is the first ride-hailing app in the region to introduce this photo-sharing feature.

They revealed that the photos will be used to enrich and bring more accuracy to designated Points-of-Interests (POIs – the green dots on the map).

Grab thinks this is important in a country like Singapore where pick-up locations may not be as straightforward as “in front of the mall”.

With the photo-sharing function, they’ll be able to understand why those locations are confusing and how they can improve their POIs.

They intend to enable this photo-sharing feature for drivers later this year “for even lesser cancellations, and an even shorter time to find their ride”.

Grab is optimistic that other services on their platform can enjoy this feature as well, citing an example of how users could even share a photo of their meal so their driver can help them find it and have it delivered “faster, fresher and warmer in the bag”.

Featured Image Credit: Grab Singapore, Bloomberg

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