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Honestbee Allegedly Puts A Pause On U Stars Supermarket Partnership In S'pore

Earlier this January, honestbee announced that it will “temporarily pause” its partnership with FairPrice.

It did not specify the period of time, but its ‘shopper bee’ — honestbee’s concierge shopper — claims that FairPrice said that this would be apermanent arrangement.

All shopper bee slots were also made unavailable from January 31.

An anonymous source told Vulcan Post that the partnership was terminated due to outstanding debts.

While there’s no confirmation on this, Dongshen News reported that honestbee in Taiwan owes partner-vendors a total of 120,000 yuan (~S$24,249).

Following this spate of news, Vulcan Post received an anonymous tip-off today regarding another pause in partnership — this time with U Stars supermarket.

According to the tip-off, honestbee had sent out the following email to its shopper bees today announcing the temporary pause in partnership with U Stars that will take effect from 1 May 2019.

As such, “all U Stars shopper bee slots will no longer be made available from the same date”.

We have reached out to honestbee for a confirmation and will update the article accordingly.

Just this week alone, honestbee has made headlines for its global layoff, which has affected 50 to 70 people in regional markets.

Additionally, honestbee also announced yet another “temporary pause” of its operations in the Philippines, as well as its food verticals in Hong Kong and Thailand.

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