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Here’s how I maximise my GrabRewards with the Grab X Maybank Credit Card

[This is a sponsored article with Grab Malaysia.]

As someone who doesn’t own a personal vehicle, I rely heavily on Grab and their services to travel around, order food, or make deliveries.

That said, I try to get the most value out of the cash that I spend.

Luckily, Grab also compensates users with GrabRewards depending on how much they spend while using their services, which can be used to redeem various discounts and products.

Additionally, Grab X Maybank Credit Card users such as myself, have the opportunity to earn significantly more points. Here’s how I take advantage of my credit card to earn up to 5x GrabRewards.

Making sure I set GrabPay as my default payment method

I must first ensure that my primary payment method is set to the GrabPay Wallet. Furthermore, I let my Grab X Maybank Credit Card automatically top up my eWallet whenever its balance goes below a certain amount.

This is because I earn 5x of GrabRewards for every Ringgit topped up by using the Grab X Maybank Credit Card.

It’s in contrast to earning no GrabRewards for using other top-up methods, such as other cards, FPX, and linked bank accounts.

Best of all, there is no hard limit on how many points I can earn in a single transaction.

Paying for Grab services with the Grab X Maybank Credit Card

Using the Grab X Maybank Credit Card, I can gain 5x of GrabRewards for every Ringgit spent on Grab services.

For instance, if I spend RM20 on either GrabFood, Grab Ride, GrabExpress, or GrabMart with the credit card, I’d get 100 GrabRewards.

If I didn’t have the Grab X Maybank Credit Card, I’d only gain up to 1.5x of GrabRewards for every Ringgit spent via GrabPay Wallet or PayLater by Grab. This means that I would earn less for the same RM20 spent.

I personally use the card to pay my utility bills, student loans, and more. Keep in mind that there are some transactions that will not earn you GrabRewards, such as payments via JomPay and FPX, and more.

I always ask merchants if I can pay with GrabPay Wallet

Other than using the credit card to top up and pay for Grab services, another effective way I found to accumulate GrabRewards fast is to pay using GrabPay QR for meals at restaurants or while I’m grocery shopping.

I make it a point to always check with the merchants in-store or online on whether I can pay using GrabPay.

If not, I can still top up my GrabPay Wallet and earn 5x GrabRewards, then pay using the merchant’s DuitNow QR code.

If there isn’t any, then I still have the credit card up my sleeve, and will opt to pay using the Grab X Maybank Credit Card so that I can at least earn a few GrabRewards.

Now that I’ve earned all these GrabRewards, there’s not much point in simply hoarding them, though.

So, here’s what I use the accumulated GrabRewards for

After accumulating as many GrabRewards as possible, I often use them to get discounts on Grab Rides, GrabFood orders, and when paying for meals at restaurants using GrabPay.

In addition to that, I use the points as an entry fee to take part in Grab’s lucky draws, where you could win prizes like smartphones, in-store vouchers, and more.

There’s also the option to redeem high-ticket products like a bladeless standing fan or even a rice cooker in the Grand Edition section. With the with Grab X Maybank Credit Card, I’m able to accumulate points that can help me redeem the Grand Edition prize.

Here’s how you can get a Grab X Maybank Credit Card too

To be eligible for the credit card with no annual fees (for life), you need to be between the ages of 21 to 65 years old, and earn a minimum annual income of RM24,000. You should also be an existing Grab and Maybank2u user before or after applying for the credit card, and have gone through the usual eKYC process when registering for a card.

Once approved, existing Maybank2u users will first gain access to a digital card, and the physical card will be delivered to you within 10 working days. Those who appreciate the option of paying from their phones can link the credit card by adding it as a payment method on the app.

You can have a look at this FAQ if you need a more detailed explanation of how to do it.

Sign up now for extra benefits valid until Dec 31, 2022

New Grab X Maybank Credit Card holders will be eligible for the welcome bonuses such as 1,000 GrabRewards and six months of Grab Platinum tier membership, and RM50 worth of Grab vouchers.

The offer applies when you spend RM300 within the first 45 days from your credit card’s approval date. Also, you can get RM200 cashback for spending RM500 within the first 45 days from the credit card’s approval date.

If you rely heavily on Grab and the services they provide, getting the Grab X Maybank Credit Card is a wise choice to get the most value from the money you have spent.

Find out more information about the Grab X Maybank Credit Card promo here.Read other articles we’ve written about Grab here.

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