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6 ways to get the most out of your aircon to comfortably survive Malaysia’s rising heat

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The country’s heat has become quite intense in recent months.

Many of us find solace indoors, cranking up our air conditioners to the coolest, and somehow it still doesn’t quite do the job.

If you’re like me, you may have had a repairman service your aircon, and while it initially made it cooler, the effect didn’t stick around for long.

Now what?

In collaboration with LG, we’ve compiled six simple ways to maximise your aircon’s efficiency.

1. Set your aircon’s temperature between 22-26°C

You might already know that messing with your air conditioner’s temperature settings demands more energy, leading to higher energy bills and potentially more frequent equipment breakdowns.

Hence, setting your aircon to a cosy range between 22°C to 26°C is usually recommended by most aircon appliance companies, including LG.

Of course, the ideal temperature range can vary depending on factors like where a room is situated, how much sunlight it gets, and what you’re doing at the time. But generally, this range will keep your room comfortably cool and create a pleasant living space.

2. Make use of your aircon’s built-in settings

Malaysia’s tropical climate naturally brings high humidity, which can make our homes feel warmer and our skin stickier. This makes it harder for our bodies to cool down through sweating.

Setting your aircon to Dry Mode can help decrease the humidity levels in your room. In this mode, many of the aircon’s internal components don’t have to work as strenuously, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower electricity bills.

While it may not cool your room as efficiently as Cool Mode, it effectively dehumidifies the air, leading to a more comfortable room temperature.

Furthermore, setting a timer for your aircon to turn off automatically after you’ve fallen into a deep slumber at night could help enhance energy efficiency.

3. Clean your air conditioner’s indoor filter

As your air conditioner works to keep you comfortable, it’s natural for dirt and dust to accumulate in its filter. In lieu of the ongoing haze, this may occur quicker than usual.

One easy way to maintain its efficiency is to clean the filter on your own every fortnight. You’ll just have to open the aircon’s front grill, gently remove the filters, and vacuum or wash the filters depending on how dirty they are.

4. Turn off heat-producing appliances

Look around your home right now. Are heat-generating appliances such as your oven, washing machine, home PC, and lights all turned on and running?

Any heat produced by these appliances makes it more difficult for your air conditioning to keep your home cool.

Where possible, use these appliances when the sun is down, so your aircon won’t have to work as hard.

5. Run a ceiling fan

It might appear redundant to use two cooling methods together, but fans actually make your air conditioner more efficient.

Do note that this would only work if your ceiling fans can spin counterclockwise, which forces cool air downwards and makes the breeze from your aircon feel more apparent.

6. Keep direct sunlight out

Your parents have likely advised you to shut all the windows and draw the curtains to “save on aircon.”

There’s some truth to that, as closing your curtains or blinds can help block out the scorching Malaysian heat, preventing it from warming up your home and making your air conditioner work harder.

For the best results, opt for white or light-coloured curtains and blinds as they do a great job of deflecting light and heat away from your home.


Ultimately, if you’ve tried everything on this list and nothing seems to be working for your comfort, it may be time to invest in a new aircon.

Perhaps LG’s 1.0HP Dual Inverter Premium Air Conditioner with Ionizer and ThinQ™ Function might come as a reliable choice for those finding themselves in such a position. 

LG’s air conditioning units are made to be durable, with high-quality components and materials like an anti-corrosion coating that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

LG also provides a 10-year inverter compressor warranty to ease the concerns of customers looking for high-quality and reliable air conditioning solutions.

Learn more about LG’s Dual Inverter Premium Air Conditioners here.Read other lifestyle-related articles we’ve written here

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