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S'pore Aesthetics Clinic IDS Launches 'Buffet For Facials': Unlimited Sessions For $450/Mth

Homegrown skincare clinic based on medical technology, IDS Aesthetics, has launched an unusual new concept under its spa membership programme.

Likening it to the value you could get out of an all-you-can-eat buffet or a gym membership, they’re now offering unlimited facials for a flat monthly fee.

The brand introduced this through the addition of two new tiers to their #IDServe Membership options, namely Unlimited and Unlimited+, on 14 May 2019.

They come at two price points, with the lower $450/month for 12 months Unlimited package offering members access to unlimited treatments across IDS’ full ‘menu’ with eight types of facials.

Members are also entitled to earn an additional free month of membership for every successful referral, and receive a 15% discount on IDS Skincare products each month.

The Unlimited+ package, which costs $720/month for 12 months, provides the same, with the addition of letting members bring three personal guests to their sessions each month.

In other words, an Unlimited+ member can claim free treatments together with friends to make their membership fee worth its while, especially if they split the cost four ways among themselves for everyone to benefit.

With prices ranging from $160 for a 35-minute dual eye lift treatment, to $430 on the higher end for the ‘Instant Power Lift and Glow’ treatment that tackles sagging skin, it wouldn’t be hard for regular spa-goers to maximise the Unlimited packages.

However, IDS notes on its website that they “want to ensure [their] customers do not over-use on the treatments” to prevent effects from turning detrimental instead.

The aesthetic clinic promises to first assess a member’s skin treatment needs through a consultation session, and only recommend programs that are suitable.

On initiating this new ‘facial buffet’ model, IDS Aesthetics Assistant Vice President of Marketing Chester Wan says they’ve observed “what’s currently trending in the aesthetics industry” to create a unique way to offer skincare.

“We are always on the lookout to deliver to our customers what they want in a way that will provide great benefits, value for money, and a happy element of surprise,” he says.

Find out more at IDS Aesthetic’s website.

Featured Image Credit: IDS Aesthetics

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