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LiveUp Membership Will Cost $10 More From 1 July – No More Free Lazada Delivery

Launched back in 2017, Lazada’s LiveUp membership programme promised pretty impressive benefits for consumers who spent most of their money on online platforms.

At $49.90 a year, it offered members free delivery for orders on Lazada, and perks like $3 off Grab rides, 2 free months of Netflix, and rebates on Redmart and Lazada orders.

For those who are curious about how beneficial it is but remain reluctant to commit, LiveUp also offered a 60-day free trial.

According to a report on AsiaOne, however, there are upcoming changes to the membership plan that members might not be happy with.

Come 1 July, LiveUp membership fees will cost $59.90/year – $10 more than the current fee.

Next, there will be no more free delivery for Lazada orders.

Here’s a rundown of LiveUp’s benefits come 1 July:

One thing that is an improvement, however, is that the rebate cap will be increased by $20 to $50/month.

Current LiveUp Members Aren’t Impressed

According to a thread on Reddit discussing the upcoming changes, current LiveUp members aren’t too happy and are already looking to cancel their memberships.

A few Redditors offered that with 2 months of free Netflix subscription, members technically just need to earn $30 worth of rebates to ‘break even’, but it seems like most would rather just forgo that and cancel their memberships.

Lazada Offering Pro-Rated Refunds For Cancellations

There’s some relief for existing members who want to tap out, however.

Lazada is offering current members the option to cancel their subscription and receive a pro-rated refund when the changes kick in on 1 July.

LiveUp members, will you be sticking around in spite of these changes? Let us know!

To apply for a refund, members can fill up this form by 31 August.

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