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This 26-Year-Old Opened A Store In Klang To Prove That The Zero Waste Lifestyle Is Fun

Le Zanne has been practising the essence of a zero waste lifestyle for years. She doesn’t use plastic bags and brings her own containers to have her food taken away.

Last month, she took her commitment to the movement a little further by opening a zero waste store, Liquid Etc in Klang.

Her past experience as a creative in the event industry helps her with the branding, marketing and aesthetics of Liquid Etc. She applies her past experience in market research to her financial and strategic planning for the business.

Not using plastic sparks joy

Liquid Etc provides an alternative shopping experience to reduce the amount of plastic waste which Malaysians produce everyday.

This is done by encouraging shoppers not to purchase pre-packaged household items off the shelves.

Shoppers can bring their own bottles, containers and bags to purchase their cleaning and personal care supplies. The store also sells home-baked nutritious meals and snacks for the furry friends.

“They should feel inspired that a minimal waste lifestyle can be achieved,” Le Zanne said. “Zero wasting can be enjoyable for themselves and for their children.”

Liquid Etc. hopes that to provide an opportunity for households in Klang to cut down on their packaging waste.

“It was not easy for shoppers from Klang and Shah Alam to refill their supplies as most of the zero waste stores are based in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya,” she added. “We sincerely believe that our store will benefit the community in Klang.”

“The wastage of plastic will decline significantly, making Klang a better place for community to live in.”

The shoppers can try some of these products at the test station before they make purchases. Besides that, the store also has an art installation, a kid’s corner and a book swapping programme.

Selling local products at affordable prices

Liquid Etc wants to make zero wasting as affordable as possible to encourage more people to start practising a minimal to zero waste lifestyle.

Prices for the some of the items:

Items Price (RM)
Liquid Products (per 100g) – Car Shampoo – Gentle Hands Dishwashing Liquid – Body Cleansers Non-liquid Products (per piece) – Bamboo Toothbrush – Handmade Lotion Bar – Handmade Face & Body Soap Bar – Handmade Shampoo Bar – Handmade Conditioner Bar Pet Treats (100g) Dog Food (per pack) 0.330.530.70 3.0010.0016.0016.0018.5011.007.00

Most of the products at Liquid Etc are sourced locally, and include:

Cleaning and personal care liquids. The store works with a local manufacturer to customise the products’ formula accordingly.Handmade products (soap bars and lotions), made by talented local artisans.Pet treats and dog foods, supplied by experienced local partners.

These products are delivered to the store in reusable boxes and containers. The reusable packages are returned to the suppliers after storing the products to the store’s jars and dispensers.

Liquid Etc also supplies their products in bulks to restaurants, cafes, factories and offices. They later collect the used bottles and containers for reuse.

The store is continuously expanding its product range. They recently started providing Biji-Biji: Ethical Fashion bags which are made out of unused and discarded seat belts.

Moving towards a sustainable environment together

Le Zanne expressed that there is a lack of awareness and practice on environmental sustainability and zero waste in the community.

“Many are unaware that refilling is an option and few are willing to put in the effort to bring their own bottles and containers,” she said. “Shoppers are hesitant to purchase packaging-free products as they are used to the commercial brands.”

A lot of people still request for drinking straws. They are also willing to pay an extra RM0.20 for a plastic shopping bag.

She suggested that both businesses’ and consumers’ mindset about zero waste have to evolve together.

“Perhaps the next step for businesses will be providing greener alternatives such as reusable or compostable bags and straws,” she said.

“Consumers need to be encouraged to bring their own containers and tumblers. It would have a bigger impact on cost savings and the reduction of plastic waste.”

Find out more about Liquid Etc products and activities at their Facebook page.

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Feature Image Credit: Liquid Etc

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