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Lunch Actually Launches Its 'Dating Success Program' In S'pore So You Won't Screw Up After "Heyy"

In spite of having brought together thousands of couples since inception in 2004, Singapore dating company Lunch Actually still feels that there’s a gap that separates singles and successful unions.To help singles take more control of their dating lives, Lunch Actually has launched the ‘Dating Success Program’.Modules created for the programme are based on today’s dating challenges, and singles can use them for 4, 6, or 12-month durations.

Singapore dating company Lunch Actually doesn’t just want to help singles set up their first date, they now want to help singles become their best selves and win at dating too.

In a recent press release, they announced the launch of a new product, the ‘Dating Success Program‘, which looks to guide singles to maximise their dating success by creating their own ‘Dating Success Masterplan’.

As a firm that’s been in the business of love since 2004, the Lunch Actually team has brought thousands of couples together with their various products (Lunch ActuallyLunchClick, and eSynchrony), but always took note of the challenges that singles go through, some of which include things like struggling with chatting, not noticing red flags and/or deal breakers in potential partners, and so on.

It was then that they realised that “an introduction is not enough” to guarantee a successful union.

Said Lunch Actually co-founder and CEO Violet Lim: “There are many times when a simple tweak can make a whole big difference to a person and their dating life, but the industry has become so fixated only on arranging dates that they miss out on adding value to their clients’ dating journey.”

The Dating Success Program was thus created, and is aligned with the company’s philosophy of “Be the Right One, Meet the Right One, and Choose the Right One”.

She added: “The Dating Success Program looks into all of the blockers, guides singles in adopting the best practices, and at the same time, shows them how to leverage on other dating platforms that are available to increase their chances and fulfil their dating goal.”

Lunch Actually’s Dating Success Program has been piloted in Malaysia for the past 2 months, and there has been a “tremendous increase of clients’ success rates”, according to the team.

The programme is “highly customisable and personalised”, with modules created based on today’s dating challenges.

Some of the modules include:

Find Your Unique Strengths & Characteristics and How to Leverage on Your Strengths to Find the Love of Your LifeUnderstand Your Past Dating Experiences and Current Dating PatternsHow to Identify Red Flags, Deal Breakers and Dating BlockersDating Trends and ‘Dating Hacks’How to Set Up an Attractive Profile and Use Dating Apps EffectivelyHow to Identify and Leverage on Activities, Events and Networking Platforms to Meet PeoplePractice Makes Perfect: Conversation Roleplay and Date Simulations

The Dating Success Program is available for 4-months, 6-months and 12-months durations.

“Whether you are meeting new singles on your own or having dates arranged by us, one thing is for sure: we want to grow with you through this experience in the areas of confidence, eligibility, attractiveness and self-love.”

In line with the launch of the Dating Success Program, Lunch Actually also revealed the firm’s new logo, which is described to be “more premium, modern and clean – while still keeping the brand spirit that [customers] have known and trusted”.

“We have evolved since then, and our brand identity need to showcase that as well,” revealed Violet.

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