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Pay Your Bills With Boost And You Could Get Full Cashback For The Whole Year

If you’re a regular user of Boost, you’ll know that one of its biggest pulls for users is the cashback system they have going on.

With every payment made via the app, a certain amount will be rewarded back to you—which probably explains why it’s such a popular mode of payment for a number of people. Who doesn’t want to receive money when paying for stuff?

A category that is quite handy for Boost users is the “Bills & Payment” section, where users can pay for multiple utility bills such as water bills, internet bills and even your phone bills.

If you’re one of those users, Boost has an upcoming campaign that would definitely catch your attention as it could potentially land you a scenario where you don’t need to worry about your bills for a whole year.

Say Goodbye To Bills For 2019

Starting from the 4th of March until the 31st of March, Boost is running a campaign aptly named, “No More Bills!”.

This 4-week campaign will run like a raffle, where users will stand a chance to win RM100 off their bills monthly for a whole year.

It’s pretty easy for you to join. All you need to do is pay for at least 2 different categories of utility bills that are offered on Boost (so you can choose from water, internet, phone, electricity, etc).

Boost will then be choosing 7 winners every week throughout the campaign period and every entry will be eligible to get cashback for bill payments for the next twelve (12) months. You only have one chance to win, so why not make it count?

If you’re already paying for a bill, you can try giving this a shot. It’s quite a nice thought imagining all the other things you can indulge in if Boost is managing your bills for a whole year.

Boost: “Bill’s on me.”

Another campaign they have is an existing one that is now extended till the 31st of March due to overwhelming demand, and it is called “Your Bill is on us, 100% Cashback“.

Boost is offering up to RM50 cashback when you pay for your bills and RM100 cashback when you pay for your Celcom postpaid bills.

Similarly, this campaign works like a raffle where 200 winners for both offers are chosen weekly. As long as the bills are paid during that week, you’ll immediately be in the running to win up to 100% cashback the following Tuesday.

Since you’re already bounded by adult responsibilities to pay for all these bills, why not use these campaigns as a way to soften the blow to your wallet by potentially winning some money back.

And even if you don’t win, you’ll still get some cashback from just paying your bills via Boost—so it’s really a win-win situation in the end.

New Year, New Phone

Aside from these bill campaigns that Boost is holding, there’s also another way to get cashbacks.

The recent smartphone launch that’s really dominated the news lately is Samsung’s new flagship lineup that will be released this coming 8th of March 2019.

With a total of 3 models to choose from, pre-orders have already opened for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. In addition to that, you can actually use Boost to pay for it.

Senheng is one of the key partners to be enabled for a pre-order campaign that is happening from the 22nd of February to the 28th February of 2019, and Boost happens to be the only official e-wallet partner for Senheng.

Pre-ordering the S10 128GB or the S10+ 128GB from Senheng will net you a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (total value worth RM1129).

All you’ll need to do is pay the RM300 deposit with Boost through any of Senheng’s online stores or offline stores. Senheng will then reserve the phone for you and you’ll just need to pay the remaining balance at the outlet via any form of payment (the store has up to 24 months 0% Instalment Payment Plans as well as a trade-in & save program that you can check out too).

Once you’ve completed the deposit payment, you’ll get RM30 cashback credited into your Boost e-wallet on the next working day along with a free Sandisk OTG 16GB worth RM55!

This deal is only available for the first 500 eligible transactions and the cashback will be credited directly into your Boost e-wallet 3 working days after the campaign ends. You’ll receive the OTG when you pick up the Samsung phone on the 8th of March (while stocks last).

If you’re a PlusOne member, you also get an extra 1 year warranty on top of manufacturer’s warranty and PlusOne Citi members get extra 2 years warranty on top of manufacturer’s warranty.

So if you’ve already got your eyes on the new Samsung S10, no harm in sweetening the deal by getting some cashback on top of it. It always feels better (to you and your wallet) when you get more than what you bargained for, after all.

For more information on these campaigns, you can head to Boost’s official website here

This article was written in collaboration with Boost.

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