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5 Strategic Upgrades That Grab Has Made To Become The Everyday Super App Of SEA

Last year, Grab first mentioned their desire to be an everyday super app for their users across the globe.

Now, they’ve been living up to their mission by rolling out a number of impressive developments recently that really showcase how their services can be well integrated with our daily routine.

From the implementation of certain policies, to now having the ability to order a driver and food on the same app, here are 5 updates that Grab has rolled which gives a frictionless experience with a one platform offering.

1) Using GrabPay to pay for online shopping and prepaid top-ups.

Grab is now making moves to explore the untapped market that is ingrained into our life routines: phone credit and online shopping.

As a step ahead into becoming the to-go app for our daily needs, GrabPay recently launched a new feature that allows users to pay for their shopping online (such as through, MBO Cinemas, DoubleWoot Fashion and even Caring Pharmacy) as well as purchasing prepaid top-ups (from Maxis, Digi, Hotlink, etc).

So whenever you’re having those moments of low credit or you’re chilling during your breaks and browsing through online catalogues, GrabPay now comes as an alternative payment method for you.

An added bonus is that each time these features are used, users will be rewarded! So if you’re planning on buying a prepaid top-up via GrabPay, you can expect to get up to 20% rebate (up to RM8).

You can make use of this promotion that comes at the end of each month (handy as that’s when everyone’s salary comes in).

2) Offering more savings through subscriptions.

To cater to their users that rely on the app on a daily basis, Grab-It-All Basic is a subscription service that aims to provide users with more savings on services like food delivery and rides.

Users can pay RM80 for the Grab-It-All Basic pass which comes with RM190 worth of vouchers. The subscription offers RM3 off 30 GrabCar rides and RM5 off 20 GrabFood orders (with a minimum RM20 order value). Users can make use of their GrabPay credits to purchase this subscription plan.

It’s a bundle worth looking at, especially if you’re one to use the app’s features more than once a day because the amount of savings you get is noteworthy. It’s also an added bonus for those of us who don’t want to wait for promo codes to be sent to our inboxes.

3) Merging Grabfood into the Grab app.

A huge hindrance to users not making full use of GrabFood is the fact that it came as a separate app.

Well, Grab has solved that issue by merging their GrabFood app into their native one to make ordering food a lot more convenient for their users.

This is not only a strategic move for their partner restaurants and delivery partners, but also for GrabFood customers as they will be spoilt for choice with more food options.

Users will now be able to instantly check out the latest promotions and featured restaurants on the GrabFood home screen and they can conveniently redeem and use GrabRewards vouchers with a simple click.

Their restaurant partners will be able to have direct access to the millions of Grab users in Malaysia, which can really benefit small and home-based establishments who prior to this, do not have the means to grow their business beyond their current store front.

4) Partnering with the Malaysian government.

Grab recently partnered with the Ministry of Transport to implement facial recognition technology to enhance their safety features.

The Passenger Verification feature essentially lets users verify their identity on Grab’s app via a live selfie option. From its initial launch, the feature has helped decline passenger-related crimes by 30%, giving their driver-partners greater peace of mind.

The advanced facial recognition technology now built into Grab’s app, ensures that the picture taken is an actual ‘live’ human face; and it is also able to detect and reject inappropriate photos.

The selfie will only be used for one-time verification purposes, and like all personal data on Grab, is securely protected under Malaysia’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

This move is aligned with their goal of setting a high bar for transportation safety standards and bring preventable incidents on its platform down to zero through technology innovations.

Another partnership Grab has done is with the Royal Malaysia Police (Polis DiRaja Malaysia or PDRM), where Grab driver-partners will begin to receive time-sensitive and critical NUR Alerts.

The National Urgent Response (NUR) Alert system is a national initiative that helps spread information related to missing children under the age of 12 as quickly as possible. Part of Malaysia’s National Child Protection Policy and Action Plan, NUR Alerts are shared by law enforcement and regulatory agencies when a police report is made indicating the possibility of a missing child being the victim of abuse or other crimes.

Through this collaboration, Grab will support the rapid dissemination of NUR Alerts and requests for assistance in finding missing children by alerting it’s network of hundreds of thousands of driver-partners instantly to be on the lookout and inform PDRM if they come across any news.

Working with the Government is key to Grab’s long term strategy for safety for the betterment of the community.

5) Providing express solutions.

To meet the requests of on-demand door-to-door delivery service, Grab rolled out GrabExpress, their latest on-demand delivery service to the wider Klang Valley area.

Similar to their usual Grab ride and GrabFood services, GrabExpress provides users with the convenience of delivering items such as documents, parcels and gifts, to their business partners, customers, family and friends.

This is aligned with their desire to support the e-commerce industry which is growing in Malaysia. With GrabExpress, home-based entrepreneurs and social sellers can easily utilise our service to deliver goods and items directly to their customers. This in turn will also allow them the flexibility to focus on their business growth while knowing that they have a reliable logistics partner.

Since their launch last year, GrabExpress has seen a 10x increase in deliveries with more than 50% being return customers.

GrabExpress is planning to grow and enhance their services to make it more seamless for planning and handling of packages while saving customers’ time and money.


You can see the different moves that Grab is taking to really position themselves in a way where each step is carefully calculated and strategic in bringing them closer to their goal of being a one-stop app for everything.

Soon you can say that GrabPay Credits will be a new “currency” used for all Grab users, and all it takes is just activating and upgrading your wallet for full access to all these features. Once you’ve reloaded your wallet, all these services will literally be available at the tips of your fingers.

With many more features being planned to be rolled out soon in Malaysia, such as the option to book hotels and purchase movie tickets from the app itself, it won’t be too much of a surprise when we come to a point that Grab can be seamless from planning your commute to work to ordering your next meal and getting ready for your next movie date or holiday trip.

GrabPay is making Payday more rewarding by offering users a 20% rebate up to RM8 with their GrabPayDay Bonus deal. You can redeem this when using the feature to pay for online shopping and prepaid top-ups. For more information on GrabPay and their latest promotion, you can click here.

This article is written in collaboration with GrabPay.

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