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How These M'sians Are Helping Developers Lower Property Costs With Their App

LinkZZapp is a smart management solution for property developers and property management companies to help link management offices with residents.Residents can download the app for free on both iOS and Android to enjoy the convenience of the app features anytime and anywhere.

Nowadays, it’s easy for us to do a lot of things through our phones.

So as easy as it is to buy movie tickets through an app, why not do the same thing when it comes to staying connected in your residential area?

That’s the thought process that William Wong went through when deciding his next step after resigning from Fortune 500 company, Honeywell.

Coming from a background of dealing with security solutions, he knew there was more that could be offered to homeowners instead of just CCTVs, Smart Home and access controls.

“Smart home solutions are everything to do inside a house but we saw it from another perspective. If you’re staying in a condominium or closed community, how can we help make your life easier and build a better place to stay?” asked William.

Thus he and his two co-founders decided to form LinkZZapp.

Staying Connected With One App

LinkZZapp is a smart management solution that helps link the management office with residents.

The system uses cloud-based technology to create a connected environment for those living in the urban areas and gives them the right access to interact with the community they’re residing in.

Some of the main features their app offers are:

Intercom Anywhere

An intercom solution that can be used within the residential area and out, LinkZZapp offers 2 versions of this: Tri-Brid Intercom and Hybrid Intercom.

The Tri-Brid Intercom solution ensures maximum connectivity by using internet data as their primary connection, and local LAN and calls as their back-up.

Hybrid Intercom only has the internet connection and local calls.

“The Tri-Brid is for our property developer clients as we can integrate it with their current system while our Hybrid version is more for our property management clients that already have an existing infrastructure,” explained Martin.

This intercom system lets residents easily contact the guards as well as validate any attending visitors.

The typical intercom solution you normally see in buildings actually cost property developers a lot of money, so LinkZZapp offers this Intercom Anywhere feature as a more affordable and multi-functional option that could save developers millions of ringgit.

Visitor Management

Residents can send an e-invite to their visitors and security guards with all the relevant information. When the visitor comes over, they’ll just need to scan a QR code and the guard will be able to match it up with the pre-registered info provided by the resident and validate it.

It’s a more seamless way of jotting down the visitors that come and leave the area without needing to rely on the traditional log books.

Facilities Booking

This feature lets residents book facilities directly from the app without needing to head to the management office. It shows a real-time view of the facilities available so residents can decide when’s the best time for them to make the booking.

“Our algorithm also helps manage the property better where admins can put a certain number of hours or days that a tenant can use the facility. So we don’t just help with the booking process, we help make it fair for everyone,” said William.


The management office can send public or private e-messages to residents, such as announcements on a water disruption issue or a Hari Raya greeting.

“The e-bulletin also supports multiple languages as we noticed a lot of mid to high-end condominiums have residents who may not speak our local language. So you can type the message in any language and it’ll display whatever is written without needing to change any settings on their phone,” added William.

Panic Alert

Each residential unit can link up to 10 LinkZZapp accounts, so if the Panic Button on the app is pressed, all accounts will be notified immediately and this can be used anywhere.

If the button is pressed within 1km of the property’s vicinity, security guards will also be alerted and can come to assist.

Addressing Two Different Markets With One App

As LinkZZapp offers a variety of features, they’ve created packages to cater to their two different target markets: the Professional version for property developers with upcoming projects and the Lite version for those managing properties with residents already living there.

“Property developers factor in the cost of development so we normally recommend the Professional package as it’s a small cost to them. But for those with existing properties, our Lite package has different bundles to cater to what they’re looking for,” shared Martin.

Users of the Lite version will have to download LinkZZapp and if they have more than 1 property to manage, they can handle all the properties in this one app.

For the Professional version, LinkZZapp helps developers build the mobile app so they can put all their projects in one app and white label it under their own brand. This lets the developers integrate LinkZZapp into their third party systems seamlessly while enhancing their branding.

One benefit their solutions offer to developers is cost savings. William shared that lately, developers aren’t buying the idea of smart home solutions anymore as it costs a lot to implement those and that jacks up the property price.

When the property price is too high, it’s harder to sell. So they remove these solutions, but then they need to think of something else that can attract buyers to their property.

“We have healthy open orders and a lot of inquiries on LinkZZapp Solution, which give us a clear indication that we are in the right path” shared Martin.

Creating The Perfect Community With One App

Moving forward, the next step they’re looking to take is connecting the management office with the residents beyond the features they’re already offering.

LinkZZapp aims to one day be able to connect residents with retailers and businesses around the community so they can be aware of the products and services offered.

It’s a chicken and egg situation though because the app needs a certain amount of users before businesses can come over. But this is a step forward into the bigger picture that LinkZZapp has set, which is staying connected within a community.

The team hopes with their solution, management offices can become more productive by helping the residents out in a more effective manner.

“At the end of the day it’s more towards productivity and efficiency. We want our app to help residents find a more convenient and flexible way to reach the management office anytime, anywhere,” said Martin.

To find out more about LinkZZapp’s features or to get a consultation, you can check out their website here. You can also download their app for iOS and Android.

This article was written in collaboration with LinkZZapp.

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Feature Image Credit: LinkZZapp

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