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How This Solution Turns Malaysians Into A One-Man Digital Agency

Most entrepreneurs can probably agree that the hard part isn’t launching the business, it’s growing it.

You may have a good product or service on hand, but it becomes insignificant if you’re not properly engaging with your target audience through the right means. The art of marketing has many layers to it, so it’s easy for business owners to find themselves overwhelmed by the options available.

MACROKIOSK, a digital technology company with years of experience in building mobile solutions, recently launched their latest digital marketing product called BOLD.Tag.

It’s a platform that has been designed to help entrepreneurs that come from a wide variety of industries to engage with their existing clients via multiple delivery channels.

The solution helps digital marketers create, track, and manage campaigns across multiple channels on a single platform.

Control Your Own Campaigns

For those who may be unfamiliar with marketing, planning out a campaign may seem tricky. Some might not even know where to start, which MACROKIOSK took into consideration.

According to the team, the BOLD.Tag layout was designed to help even inexperienced users create campaigns that would be ready to go live in just a matter of minutes.

There’s an abundance of campaign methods that business owners can use to approach their target audience. Not everything may tickle every customer’s fancy, so having a variety of campaign types running could really boost engagement with the target market.

BOLD.Tag lets their users run multiple activities under one campaign and it can all be tracked and analysed on the platform to help with optimisation.

Because the layouts are already provided, users don’t really need any coding experience.

BOLD.Tag has a line of campaign methods that fit different purposes such as:


Whether for internal purposes or to generate awareness, you can use the solution to send invitations and generate event registration forms by choosing the type of information you wish to collect.

Users will then receive a mobile ticket with event details that can be verified with BOLD.Tag’s QR scanner to help you track attendees and manage events.

Run surveys

To understand more about your client base, you can opt to conduct a survey by crafting a questionnaire. BOLD.Tag’s system captures the opinions of users and helps you analyse the responses.


Everyone loves a good deal. You can choose to reward your target audience by sending them a mobile link to direct them to your campaign page. Users can redeem gift vouchers and promotional codes when they fill out a form with their details.

The data collected will be stored in the system to help you plan campaigns more effectively the next time around.


Another way your audience can interact with your brand is by designing compelling contests with dynamic landing pages to attract participants.

You can manage contests with ease by assessing all user data at a glance through simple interface.

Understand What Your Audience Wants

Now that you have the right method to source for your data, it’s time for the next part which is really digesting what data you’ve harvested.

BOLD.Tag has a feature that gives you comprehensive analytics to show if you’re nailing the perfect formula of combining the right rewards and proper engagement.

Once the campaign is launched, response data will be collected to help you create new campaigns or retarget your audience to obtain maximum engagement.

You can easily create and track multiple campaigns to increase your reach.

Getting The Insights Immediately

In terms of the speed, you can expect to get the initial results from the campaign a few hours after it has been completed.

Their results aren’t meant to confuse you, so they have an intuitive graphical analytical engine that helps make sense of all the data for you to make faster and more informed decisions.

The type of data you can get for this are all actionable data, such as user device, their preferred Operating System (OS), the preferred delivery channel and even response rates.

Especially if you’re a novice in marketing, having multiple platforms to handle various aspects of your digital campaigns could be overwhelming.

So having an option like BOLD.Tag that arranges everything for your campaign on one platform could come in handy.

To gain access to BOLD.Tag’s suite of activities for you to improve engagement with your customer base, prices start at RM149.99 for users.To book a consultation with BOLD.Tag, you can fill up the form here or check out their official website here.

This article is written in collaboration with MACROKIOSK.

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