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OMONO: What to Know About This Japanese Brand’s Beauty Skincare Regime – Vulcan Post

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve probably found yourself lured by the temptation to just not bother with skin care anymore. What’s the point? Every Zoom call has the airbrush filter and, more importantly, a video-free option. My coworkers don’t see my face day in and day out, and who has time to take care of their skin when the kids need more homework help than ever, while constant health and safety concerns loom large over our daily lives?

I know I’m not alone in this. Studies have found that beauty customers are changing their spending habits, gravitating toward skincare products over makeup and ensuring their purchases will provide bang for their buck. According to Vogue Business, sales of at-home skincare products have jumped an average of 50 percent across all markets, and the amount of consumers seeking at-home skincare products that can be purchased online more than doubled.

I am a big fan of simple skincare routines. So when I heard of OMONO, a Japanese beauty and wellness brand best known for their 1-step skincare drink, I was thrilled to find out more.

OMONO: What is it?

OMONO is a Japanese skincare routine designed to support skin health with one drink per day. There are no creams, serums or cleansers involved. Simply put, you add a little packet into a beverage of your choice each morning and stir, and then watch the claimed benefits happen over time.

“OMONO is a single product that contains antioxidants and vitamins to promote a healthy complexion from the inside out,” Laura Singleton, Communications Director at OMONO tells me. “We are strongly driven by a passion towards the Japanese concept of beauty. Which means that consuming a specific mix of ingredients shown to benefit the complexion, combined with a healthy lifestyle, will allow your skin to go through the years gracefully and look its best.”

“And because products from Japan have always enjoyed such a good reputation, we take our quality very seriously. Our customers are assured that OMONO is only made in facilities fully-graded by the GMP and the HACCP.”

What Do Customers See?

“Some of our users actually noticed changes after two weeks. They reported that their skin looked brighter and felt more hydrated, and they were more confident in its resiliency, which, especially during the brutal summer months, is a must-have,” states Singleton. “Some of them even went an extra mile to put away anything in their existing routines that contained collagen, hyaluronic acid or vitamin C, three of the main ingredients in our drink mix, in order to see whether the product really works, or whether it is just a lucky coincidence.”

But it is important to remain level-headed and reasonable in terms of what to expect, because results do take time to build up and are also influenced by lifestyle factors such as the amount of sunlight you’re exposed to (especially if you’re an outdoor person), and even the amount of time you stare at a screen.

“We are very pleased to say that our customers do see more visible differences as they progress. Their skin looked brighter, the visible lines around the mouth and eyes diminished, and the deep wrinkles on the forehead were less noticeable as well. And most importantly, they loved such a transformative way towards beauty.”


No product comes without its caveats. OMONO can be pricey on the onset (at $78.99 for a month’s supply, it’s possible that some people living on a COVID-19 budget may be unable to swing it), but if you decide to give it a try, the benefits could be promising. And while the idea of drinkable skincare may seem curious at first glance, Japanese women have been vouching for it for years.

There is no product out there that can make you look 20 years younger (plastic surgeries and injections are of course, exceptions). With this in mind, skincare that is innovative and works from within is what I will wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to ensure they keep a bouncy, healthy look.

In these stressful, chaotic times, turning to an effortless skincare routine is essential to maintaining sanity under pressure. My skin, my budget, and my formerly-cluttered skincare shelf appreciate it.

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