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It Took 87 Days For This Plain White Shirt To Get To Me, And I Ain’t Even Mad

Oxwhite is a manufacturer and seller of men’s dress cotton shirts, their business model is based off the pre-ordering method and products take up to 120 days to reach customers.Oxwhite pays close attention to their branding and customer service, making sure that customers are satisfied with the products and encouraging them to be repeat buyers.

Not too long ago, a certain white shirt was making waves on social media. Selling 3,000 shirts in 6 hours on their launch day, I knew I just had to get my hands on it.

Oxwhite is a manufacturer and seller of men’s dress cotton shirts founded by CK Chang in 2018. They use a pre-ordering concept where they can keep their risks and upfront costs low.

Before buying the shirt, I had always been using an oversized white formal shirt that my mother bought for me (probably from a department store sale, costing around RM50).

She bought it 5 years back when I was 17 and the shirt has since turned yellowish. I never bothered to buy a new one; every time I wore my white formal shirt, I always had a blazer to cover it up.

However, when I saw the Oxwhite ads on social media, I thought to myself, “Why not get a new white shirt?”

Priced at RM69, I bought it when they were selling out fast on launch day.

3 Months Later

Oxwhite uses Ninja Van for deliveries and they will WhatsApp you when your order is on its way. The package arrived at 5pm in a big cardboard box, which was a surprise as I only ordered one shirt and expected it to be in a normal sealed bag or something.

After opening the box you will be greeted with a card from the founder CK Chang who says he needs the support of the public so that they can bring 20 more products in the next 6 months.

They make their marketing and advertising personalised so that you’ll feel like you’re special and appreciated, which is a really nice touch. Furthermore, by posting your experience with Oxwhite on your social media, they will reward you with RM18 off your next purchase. Now that’s what I call marketing!

They also keep in constant contact with customers through the Oxwhite community group on Facebook to update us with what is going on with the products, from production to delivery.

For customers who feel as if the shirt they ordered does not fit, Oxwhite actually helps them to get the right sizing by encouraging those in the group to trade with each other to get the right-sized shirt.

You can also ship it back to them and they will provide you with the right size if you don’t want to trade in the group.

Thankfully, the shirt fits perfectly on me and I don’t need to go through the trouble of exchanging it.

Thoughts On The Quality

Oxwhite mentions that the shirts are made out of premium Supima cotton which has anti-wrinkle characteristics and that the shirts are also specially catered towards the Asian physique.

Although it’s “non-iron”, you will still need to give it a light iron for 3 to 5 minutes to get the best out of it, I believe the “non-iron” part is more towards that it doesn’t crumple and wrinkle easily throughout the day. I wore it for one whole day and it still looked fresh with just a few wrinkles on the sleeves where I had it rolled up.

So yes, you will still need to iron it to get the best look but even if you don’t, it still looks decent enough. The Supima cotton also feels very lightweight and allows better airflow compared to other cotton formal shirts that I wore before.

As I’m someone who sweats easily, I’m always concerned about how thick the shirt will be and the Oxwhite shirt feels airy and light,

Lastly is the cutting, I’m around 6 foot tall and quite skinny, so I got the L size and it fit me perfectly. My shoulders and arm length were perfect for the L sizing. However, not everyone will get the same experience as all our bodies have different measurements, so don’t expect it to fit on you perfectly as it isn’t tailor made.


For a shirt that only costs RM69, I would recommend anyone out there looking for a white shirt to get Oxwhite, as it’s worth the wait. Normally similar shirts with lower quality will cost around RM50, so why not just top up another RM20 to get a better quality one?

Oxwhite also pays very close attention to their branding and customer service, which is a plus point for me. You don’t only pay an affordable price for a quality product but you also get excellent service.

You can find out more about Oxwhite by checking out their social media here

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