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A 'Snake' Peek Into Razer's S'pore Office: Free Lunch, All-Day Gaming For Employees

At the end of 2018, Razer announced that it is set to open a Southeast Asia headquarters at the one-north business park in Singapore by 2020.

The planned building will be 7-storeys high, have an estimated gross floor area of 19,300 sqm, and feature design elements by Razer designers and external architects.

It will also be illuminated with “strips of LED lighting in “signature Razer green”.

2020 is less than a year away, but we decided to pay a visit to the current Razer office (or, perhaps, ‘the lair of the three-headed snake’) in hopes of catching a glimpse of where all the Chroma magic happens.

Unmistakably Razer (But Needs More Chroma)

Located in the very unassuming Chai Chee Industrial Estate, Razer Singapore’s office can be best described as ‘industrial chic with generous splashes of black and Razer green’.

The gaming peripherals giant houses around 450 staff at its Chai Chee office, with teams across different departments (R&D, procurement, marketing, etc.) stretching over 2 floors.

To store the massive amount of products the firm churns out for its fans, Razer also operates a warehouse on another floor.

Playing Games During Work Hours? No Problem!

Globally, there are over 1,000 individuals who proudly call themselves Razer employees.

If you’re a gamer, Razer’s employee benefits might just want to make you throw your resume at them too.

For one, you can take a break by playing games (using Razer peripherals, no less) at any time of the day.

On top of the freedom to game whenever they want, employees also get an annual allowance to purchase any game they desire and/or Razer gear.

And while we didn’t spot any hint of a Razer Toaster in their communal dining area, we did catch a glimpse of their daily office lunch buffet for staff.

There’s also no strict dress code at the Razer office, so you can come in your jammies if you so choose to.

The phrase ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ also holds true here, and weekly sports activities are organised by employees to make sure that they’re as physically active as they are mentally.

A Bigger Home For A Growing Company

From mobile payments to -ahem- home appliances, Razer has grown far beyond its original portfolio of creating gaming peripherals.

It is therefore no surprise that a move to a bigger home to accomodate more products and employees is long due too.

We’d like to thank Razer for hosting us!

If you’re looking to play a part in the growing ‘cult of Razer’, check out their open positions here.

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