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Safe and Secure: Crypto Casinos with the Best Security Measures – Vulcan Post

Crypto casinos have taken the gambling world by storm. They provide the players with an option to bet without providing personal information. It’s also possible to make fast and safe payments from anywhere in the world.

At the same time, since these casinos and the currency they use for payments are based online and volatile, there are security issues. In this article, we’ll discuss the casinos that have the best security system and what to look for in a casino when it comes to safety.


The most important safety feature to look for in a cryptocurrency casino is the proper license. A casino that has a license issued by the proper authority can be trusted. This is the case when it comes to making sure that the games are fair and that the payments are made in full and on time.

Not all licensing authorities are the same and not all should be trusted equally and that’s why it’s important to know in which country the casino is registered. It’s best not to try playing at an unregistered casino regardless of what it has to offer.

Open and Transparent

The safest crypto casinos are the ones that are open and transparent about the odds they offer and the player’s chances of winning. For the most part, this means that the players should know the return-to-player rate and volatility rate for each game.

The first will tell the player how much of the funds they invest can be won back, and the second quantifies the risk involved. Even the games based on skill have an advantage in favor of the house.

Sharing Personal Information

Cryptocurrency casinos don’t require players to share any private information in order to set up an account or bet. All you need is an email with which you can connect the account to your digital wallet. This is one of the biggest advantages of using Bitcoin as a payment option. However, some countries have “know your customer” laws that now apply to BTC as well.

If the crypto casino you’re using is based in one of those countries, the players will have to provide their names. In most cases, BTC casinos aren’t sharing this information with anyone else. It’s up to the players to decide how important it is to remain anonymous online. If it is, it’s best to stick to the casinos that don’t require any info.

Fast and Secure Transfers

Cryptocurrency casinos need to provide fast and secure payments. Since the casinos are based online the trust between the house and the player needs to be clearly established and payments are a key part of it. Cryptocurrencies allow the casinos to write the conditions of the bet into the blockchain code itself.

This will automate the payment based on the set requirement. This means that as soon as the player wins in accordance with the rules set before the bet, the winnings become instantly available.

Customer Support Channels

One of the often overlooked security features for BTC casinos is good quality customer support. It’s essential for establishing trust and fixing problems as soon as you run into them. Good customer support should be reachable at all times and always through several channels.

It’s also equally important for a BTC casino to have a staff of experts who will respond to these inquiries. Customer support can solve security and safety issues, but it should also reassure players that the casino is on top of any potential problems.

Where to Bet Safely

Based on the principles we mentioned above, you can have a closer look to this crypto casinos list that suits our safety and security criteria. These casinos also provide a variety of games with a lot of bonus payments and feature new players can take advantage of.


Cloudbet is one of the safest cryptocurrency casinos out there. It allows for anonymous play and the payments and withdrawals are made instantaneously. The customer service is great, available at all times and there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to channels you can use.

Cloudbet is licensed in Curacao as is the case with most other reputable sites. The site has an SSL certificate and games are provably fair and RNG-tested. There’s also a two-step authentication feature that players can turn on.


Registering for Bitcasino is a bit more complicated and players need to leave their email, password, and date of birth. It’s not, however, necessary to provide your real name. The payments are fast and safe and the casino accepts both Bitcoin and fiat money.

Customer service is top notch but not all options are available to all users. For a live chat, you’ll need to register first. Bitcasino is fine when it comes to safety features, but lacks when it comes to bonuses.

7Bit Casino

7Bit Casino provides provably fair game with clearly stated return-to-player rates. However, it doesn’t allow anonymous betting as it’s required to provide a photo of a government-issued ID. It’s rather disappointing when compared to most other BTC casinos.

7Bit Casino is licensed in Curacao and provides all the benefits of its tax laws. The casino has an SSL certificate, which is typical for the industry and it doesn’t provide two-step authentication. Customer support is easy to get but isn’t very good when it comes to actually helping with the issues players may raise.

BC Game

BC Games provides provably fair games with an open code allowing the players to poke under the hood. It’s licensed in Malta and has a good overall reputation. However, the casino isn’t licensed as a gaming establishment, but as a B2B corporation. Some games and servers are only accessible with a VPN as an extra layer of safety.

Customer service is top notch and it’s available via email, chat, or Telegram channels. Deposits can only be made in cryptocurrency and the payments are available right away and perfectly safe. Purchasing crypto on the site itself, isn’t available, however.


Thnderpick is a crypt casino licensed in Curacao. However, not much is known about who owns the establishment, which is strange for the industry. Thunderpick has the regular security features of an SSL certificate. You also have the option of setting up 2-factor authentication.

Withdrawals and deposits are available in BTC and happen instantaneously, but there are some limits as to how much you’re allowed to deposit and withdraw at once. Customer support provides 24/7 access and there’s a comprehensive FAQ section as well.

To Sum Up

Cryptocurrency casinos allow players to bet anywhere in the world and the payments are much faster than those that use traditional fiat currency. Since these casinos are based online and the payment method is decentralized, it’s important for them to provide a variety of safety features.

When choosing which cryptocurrency casino to use, players should pay attention to where the casinos are based, what kind of customer service they offer and how open they are about the odds and chances the games provide. It’s also essential that the payments are safe and that the deposits can be made right away. Not all BTC casinos allow anonymous betting, but it’s a sought-after feature.

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