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This Agency In M’sia Claims Its New Tech Grew Clients’ Profit By 30% During The Pandemic

The sheer number of digital marketing agencies that we have in Malaysia makes it hard for me to differentiate one from the other.

Some try to stand out by catering to a specific niche, while others may develop in-house tech meant to put them ahead of the competition.

Primal is one such example of the latter, having deployed its newest platform called SENTR (Synchronised Engagement Network for Tasks and Reporting).

It’s an integrated communication and campaign management platform (CMP).

To describe what it does simply, it focuses on the management and reporting of centralised campaign information and data.

“SENTR centralises all your campaign management needs into one location including invoicing, reporting, approvals, file storage, and administration tasks,” Ronnie Chin, General Manager for Primal Malaysia explained.

“By aggregating components of customer relationship management (CRM), project management and reporting in on place, we’re able to ensure consistency across the board, and reduce rate for human error.”

It provides personalised reports and live connectivity, allowing clients to see precisely what is happening with their campaigns on a minute by minute basis.

This, the team claims can improve employee efficiency by up to 70% across all types of digital marketing, be it SEO, Google Ads, social media, remarketing, outreach, and more.

Competition & Challenges Aren’t Issues

Acknowledging that the digital market is currently fierce, Ronnie nonetheless believes that SENTR is Primal’s secret weapon to surpass competition.

“Ultimately, SENTR provides businesses in any industry with a competitive advantage over their rivals, in particular, those that still rely on siloed, inflexible and disjointed systems.”

“What we offer clients is a unique and time-saving one-stop-shop for active task management, reporting, resource allocation, data analysis and third-party integrations,” he added.

Despite its advantages, digital marketing agencies such as Primal still face a challenge now: how can they get people to spend during a pandemic?

Data from Telekom Malaysia (TM) showed that Malaysians are currently spending 30% more time online daily, particularly for entertainment, communication, and gaming.

A survey by Rakuten Insight in May 2020 showed that 65% of female Malaysian respondents increased their online purchasing during the pandemic.

But all this doesn’t mean it’ll be easy to get them to spend when you want them to.

The RADAR Method

Primal, however, is confident that they have the solution for this.

SENTR’s centralised campaign data management capabilities enable Primal to strategise the planning and implementation of campaigns as well.

It employs the RADAR method:

Research is used to understand a brand,Analysis is used to set the goals of each campaign,A well-Designed and Actionable digital marketing strategy is devised,And then all Results are measured and quantified to learn and improve from.

As formulaic as it may sound, Ronnie assured that it’s not a rigid set of guidelines, but is rather an agile framework that aligns strategic intent with anticipating and evaluating campaign performance.

Thanks to this, Primal was still able to grow its clients’ bottom line by 30% during COVID-19, and are continuing to do so.

In fact, the company itself used SENTR to manage its 100% remote working culture back in April.

Internally, staff members at all levels from CFOs to interns would log their work on each project on the platform throughout the day.

This allowed the entire team to see what’s been done, answer questions, and see the next steps necessary.

Building A Name For Itself

Since its start in 2015 at its HQ in Bangkok, Thailand, Primal has several awards under its belt.

These include the Agency of the Year 2018 (Campaign Asia), Growing Business Online 2019 (Google Premier Partner Awards), and Best eCommerce Campaign 2019 (Asia eCommerce Awards).

Today, it also has a 100-strong team and offices in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

SENTR isn’t the only way that Primal sets itself apart; Ronnie shared that to stand out means to have a specific mentality.

Over at Primal, he stated that they have an optimised, enthusiastic, creative, and results-driven mentality.

“We don’t just do the work for clients, but rather empower them with the knowledge, tools, and processes required to effectively harness digital marketing for themselves.”

Ronnie added, “We measure our success by our performance, not our efforts. When our clients grow, we grow.”

You can learn more about Primal here.You can read what we’ve written on digital marketing here.

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Featured Image Credit: Primal

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