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S'pore car-sharing startup Shariot now offers van-sharing too – book a van from S$5.80/hour

Shariot, a Singapore-based car-sharing platform, has responded to the growing demand for affordable and flexible transportation solutions by introducing its latest offering: a new van-sharing option that’s available 24/7.

The move comes in response to numerous requests from individuals seeking part-time job opportunities and looking for cost-effective alternatives to delivery platforms that don’t require owning a vehicle or committing to Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs).

Shariot’s van-sharing service aims to support both SMEs and individuals by providing a hassle-free, keyless, and sustainable transport option. With the availability of affordable van rentals, entrepreneurs can now start or expand their ventures without the burden of maintaining a fleet of vehicles.

Adds 300 Honda N-Vans to its fleet

One of the main reasons behind Shariot’s rapid growth is its relentless focus on enhancing user experience.

Unlike traditional car rental companies that often involve cumbersome documentation, key exchanges, and hidden charges, Shariot’s app allows users to simply swipe and unlock the vehicle, making the entire process quick and easy.

Shariot covers all expenses except for fuel and NETS Cashcard charges, making it a cost-efficient option for businesses and individuals alike.

The newly-launched van-sharing service features 300 units of the Honda N-Vans, known for their functional design and spaciousness. These vans, which gained popularity in Japan upon their 2018 release, offer a fuel efficiency of 23.6km/litre, making them a dependable and cost-effective choice for drivers.

Vincent Toh, the co-founder and deputy executive director of Shariot, expressed his excitement about the company’s vision to revolutionise car-sharing and provide fuss-free transport options. He highlighted that Shariot is proud to be the first and largest van fleet available in Singapore, and they hope this service will unlock new possibilities for individuals and businesses alike.

Book a van from S$5.80/hour

To celebrate Singapore’s 58th birthday, Shariot is offering a special National Day promotion of S$5.80 per hour for booking the Honda N-Vans.

Booking the Honda N-Van is a seamless process through the Shariot app. After providing the necessary details, users can select ‘Shariot Commercial’, choose the van and payment method, and review the final cost. Once confirmed, the Shariot Honda N-Van is ready to hit the road.

With its commitment to transparent pricing and customer satisfaction, Shariot aims to transform the way people commute and move goods in Singapore. As the pioneer of van sharing in the city-state, Shariot’s new service promises to bring greater convenience and affordability to customers while reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

For individuals looking to explore new possibilities, entrepreneurs seeking cost-effective solutions, and anyone who values convenience and sustainability, Shariot’s van sharing service presents an exciting and practical alternative to traditional transport options.

Featured Image Credit: Shariot

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