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Need A SIM Card At 3am? Singtel's Got You Covered With Their 24/7 Pop-Up Store

Singtel just launched a 24-hour unmanned pop-up store, UNBOXED, on 4 June 2019, which the telco says is the first in Singapore.

Without any human staff to manage the store, customers are only served by a roving live bot and self-service kiosks.

UNBOXED is currently located at 20 Pickering Street, taking up a 45 sq m space.

It provides services for people to sign up for mobile plans, pay their bills, and buy contract-free handsets and accessories.

According to Singtel, the store’s roving bot is programmed with face recognition technology, so it can provide personalised recommendations to each customer who consults it.

People can try out phones at the store, and “immediately collect their purchased devices from the in-store POPStation” after buying them.

UNBOXED also has video-assisted self-service kiosks that help customers conveniently sign up for mobile plans, pay their bills, top-up their prepaid cards and Singtel Dash wallets, and replace SIM cards on the spot.

Said Singtel Consumer Singapore CEO Yuen Kuan Moon: “Our digital transformation integrates online and offline customer touchpoints to deliver fresh and fuss-free buying experiences.”

“UNBOXED fulfils the needs of today’s consumer and provides a peek into the next generation of retail—fast, instant, convenient and experiential,” he added.

The unmanned store will be under security 24/7, and will relocate every few months to serve a range of high-traffic areas across Singapore. Some future locations may include transport hubs or school campuses.

Featured Image Credit: Singtel

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