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We Can Buy Tealive Bubble Tea Gift Cards Now, Thanks To This Japanese Company In M'sia

Loob Holding have launched a new partnership with Japanese technology company giftee, Inc to offer e-gift services to customers of its Tealive brand across Malaysia.The new service will allow individuals to purchase customisable digital gift vouchers for Tealive products and send them friends and family, which can then be immediately redeemed at most of Tealive’s outlets around Malaysia.

This week, Loob Holding announced a partnership with gift voucher service GIFTEE Malaysia to allow their customers to send and receive digital Tealive gift vouchers, making their food and beverage offerings more accessible to the local market.

GIFTEE Malaysia—formed as a subsidiary of Japanese tech company giftee, Inc in October 2018—primarily deals in digital gifts and gift vouchers. Their service allows them to work with other brands to create redeemable goodies that their customers can buy and send digitally.

On their website, Giftee’s corporate mission reads as follows: “Using gifts to connect people to people, people to businesses, and people to communities.”, which highlights their intent to create a culture of casual gift-giving within the markets that they enter.

How It Works

These e-gifts can be bought online through a website and immediately sent through platforms such as SMS, WhatsApp, and other services, and can be personalised with different designs and custom greeting messages, making them quite apt as alternative to traditional gifts.

Individuals who receive these e-gifts can then right away head to respective partner brand outlets, flash their ticket at the counter, and redeem their gifts, making everything a straightforward process for the customer while also allowing businesses to access important customer behaviour information (each e-gift sent contains a unique URL and signature).

As of yesterday, Tealive and giftee, Inc have made available three e-gift options for Malaysians to enjoy—a “Tealive Drink Voucher” worth RM6.50, a “Tealive Black Diamond Milk Tea” voucher worth RM7.50, and a “Tealive Cash Voucher” worth RM10.

For now, these three options will be made available online at this link, and will be redeemable at all Tealive outlets across Malaysia save for their AEON Delica and MaxValu outlets.

Giftee’s system easily links to POS systems and other similar platforms, making their service easily adoptable by businesses. In 2019, they have plans to partner up with 10 more Malaysian businesses through their e-gift system, and also plan to push their “giftee for Business” B2C solution in the same manner.

From Japan To The World

Giftee’s partnership with Tealive signals yet another significant push into the Malaysian and ASEAN markets, and makes this effort a strong one considering Tealive’s popularity and wide reach (200 outlets in Malaysia).

In Japan, they’ve already partnered with brands such as Starbucks, Baskin-Robbins, Lawsons, and Family Mart with 950,000 regular users, and now this partnership with Tealive follows its team-up with Sushi King last year to provide sushi for RM3.18 per plate.

That said, this will be the first time it has provided its e-gift service to a Malaysian brand, with their successful funding 584 million yen (about RM21.3 million) in 2018 providing them an impetus to create a stronghold in the Southeast Asia region.

Click hear to check out Tealive, and here to find out more about giftee, Inc.

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Feature Image Credit: Tealive Asia

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