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What Can Business Promoters Learn from ASICS’ Ecommerce Launch in Singapore? – Vulcan Post

ASICS recently launched an ecommerce site in Singapore with an integrated shopping experience and certain exclusive products, according to Retail News Asia. The Japanese multinational corporation which specializes in footwear and sports gear has used this strategy as part of its effort to strengthen the company’s foothold on the market in the country.

Success here could also lead to ASICS gaining more control over the Southeast Asian market as a whole. For business owners looking to promote their own products or services in Singapore, there could be a lot to learn from ASICS’ most recent venture.

Singapore is at the heart of ASEAN, which is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The country has been ranked in the top three of the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index for twelve consecutive years according to Asean Briefing, and the bustling country is ripe for opportunities. ASICS realized this and saw the potential for enhancing customer experience within Singapore. In addition to the brand new ecommerce site, the brick and mortar ASICS stores in the country now have tablets providing instant access to the ASICS portal. This will add to the fully integrated experience.

One of the main things that up-and-coming entrepreneurs can learn from this ASICS launch is the fact that there is some exclusivity involved with the online portion of the business. This is used to encourage online use which, in turn, will help the company gain further notoriety and reach a greater number of people. There are certain lines of footwear, for instance, which can only be purchased through the ASICS website.

Other industries have gone about achieving this exclusivity in a different way, and have focused on offering promotions to new customers in order to entice them to their websites. The online casino sector, for instance, is rife with competition, and operators need to do all they can to outdo their rivals. Nowadays, players need sites like CasinoWings to find all the best deals. The review site points players in the direction of all the hottest deposit match and free spins bonuses. For fans of other types of games, sites like Steam are always full of various special offers and discounted games.

The underlying message of these strategies is that the customer is getting something online that they wouldn’t be able to get in a physical location. In addition to the exclusivity of the ecommerce site, ASICS also offered shopping vouchers at pop-up vendors around Singapore for customers to use online. This has not only helped to raise awareness about the site; it also gave customers some free money to spend. This seamless integration of the real and online world is a good marketing strategy in the modern age.

The ASICS marketing model is one which businesspeople could easily follow and find success. Singaporeans enjoy having online aspects integrated into their everyday lives and techniques such as offering physical vouchers to be used on the internet are likely to succeed.

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