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From Cinema Club To Spin Classes: How S'pore Nightclub Zouk Keeps Afloat Amid COVID-19

Since its founding in 1991, Zouk Singapore has consistently been regarded as a world-class nightlife establishment.

According to DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 Clubs poll, the Singapore club was ranked fifth in the world last year.

However, partygoers have not been able to visit the award-winning nightclub since end March, due to measures put in place by the government to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Even though the entertainment giant has been quick to innovate and invent alternative revenue streams, business is likely not up to pre-Covid standards.

Last month, Zouk Group was sold to Malaysian firm Tulipa for S$14 million. It was a move by Zouk’s cash-strapped parent company Genting Hong Kong (GHK) to generate liquidity.

Despite the acquisition, Zouk’s operations in Singapore so far have remained status quo and it has come up with yet another innovative measure — hosting spin classes.

A Collaboration With Absolute Cycle

For the unacquainted, spin classes are a rigorous workout done indoors on a stationary bike.

It is usually paired with adrenaline-pumping music and beats, and some have even likened the workout to a clubbing experience.

Thus, it seems fitting that Zouk has collaborated with fitness studio Absolute Cycle to hold spin classes on its dancefloor.

Absolute Cycle is Asia’s largest boutique fitness studio with 13 studios across Singapore and Thailand. It announced on its Instagram page yesterday (October 8) that a collaboration with Zouk was on the agenda.

The fitness studio also mentioned that more details on the collaboration would be announced later.

For now, fitness enthusiasts have to be content with various teasers on Instagram, and the promise that it will be “an experience like no other”.

Even though it cannot replace clubbing for some, having a workout on the dance floor at Zouk is sure to be a heart-pumping experience as well.

Zouk Cinema Club

According to a press release by Zouk, the entertainment giant is reemerging as a lifestyle destination.

In line with that, it has launched the Zouk Cinema Club, a brand new pop-up cinematic experience.

Zouk Cinema Club transforms the entertainment complex’s main room from dance floor to cinema hall, and promises a whole new theatrical experience.

The cinema will feature Zouk’s state-of-the-art lighting and sound system, and theatrical decor built around distinct monthly themes.

Besides opening its doors to the rhythm cycling studio and starting the Cinema Club, Zouk has also previously engaged in other measures to boost revenue.

Zouk’s Efforts To Weather The Pandemic

In March, Zouk collaborated with gaming giant Razer to bring clubbing to the homes of individuals.

The initiative was touted as the “first cloud clubbing experience in Southeast Asia”, where Zouk’s resident DJs spun at the club, and had it streamed live on Razer’s Bigo channel.

Later, it also pivoted by turning its empty dance floors into a pop-up restaurant called Capital Kitchen to ensure a steady stream of customers.

According to Zouk’s website, it has also recently launched the Zouk shop, which sells items from Zouk merchandise to bottled cocktails and food delivery.

Education Minister Lawrence Wong, who co-chairs the governmental task force tackling Covid-19,recently announced that the government may be releasing plans to take Singapore through Phase 3 of reopening the economy.

While cinemas and wedding receptions will see an increase in capacity, it is unclear if the same can be said for clubs.

Though some industries have emerged as winners from the Covid-19 pandemic, nightlife in Singapore is definitely not one.

Hence, establishments like Zouk have to constantly implement new measures to stay afloat.

According to Andrew Li, CEO of Zouk Group, “putting a Zouk twist on fitness and cinema is a natural progression for us [Zouk]”.

We’ve always been in the business of experiences and entertainment, we’re simply venturing down new avenues to delight audiences with the Zouk touch, within the possibilities of the current climate,” said Andrew.

Featured Image Credit: Shape Singapore / SG Magazine

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