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Apple Recalls Its AC Wall Adapters In Light Of Electric Shock Risk – Offers Free Replacements

Apple has announced a voluntary recall of certain AC wall plug adapters, which — “in very rare cases” — may break and create a risk of electrical shock if touched.

While the affected adapters were designed for use primarily in Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom, you shouldn’t throw your chargers away just yet — in an official statement released last night the company said that these adapters shipped with Mac and certain iOS devices between 2003 and 2010, so you shouldn’t be have to worry unless you’re still using really, really old Apple tech.

There have, however, been six incidents worldwide so far, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. These adapters were also included in the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit, so those who bought that during that time frame should take note too.

Apple has advised customers who own these adapters to stop using them immediately, and will be offering exchanges free of charge. You can do so by (1) finding an authorised Apple Service Provider, (2) making an appointment at the Apple Store, or (3) contacting Apple Support, and should have your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod serial number beforehand.

Apple also stressed that their USB Adaptors are not affected. For more information on the recall programme, you can head on over to Apple’s website.

Header Image Credit: Apple

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