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This Startup Invested S$200K To Build A One-Seater Flying Vehicle – To Launch In US In 2020

Singapore startup Neo Aeronautics unveiled today (25 April) its one-seater flying vehicle.

Founder and chief executive Neo Kok Beng personally invested $200,000 into this project, co-developing it alongside three other engineers.

Called Crimson S8, the vehicle is meant to be a door-to-door urban transportation.

You can go as far to think of it as your own personal air transport.

Although developed in Singapore, the said vehicle will be launched in California from late next year.

It is unfortunately not allowed to launch here due to government regulations.

The startup is currently trialling it indoors in Pasir Ris area. It will proceed to conduct outdoor trials here after further fine-tuning, subject to the approval of Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.

Regardless, it will be starting flight tests in the US by March 2020.

It Can Fly 15m High

Crimson S8 can fit into a standard American parking lot, and can fly at a height of 15 metres (around five storeys high) with a 100kg load.

It can also fly at a maximum speed of 100km/hour and flying it “is as simple as operating a drone”.

The pilot can choose to fly it on autopilot, or manually control it.

For now, the vehicle can stay airborne for about 20 minutes, but the company hopes to extend the limit to at least 60 minutes (three times its current threshold).

While the vehicle is currently focused on human flight, Mr Neo hopes to “adapt the vehicle for logistics flights” in the future.

He adds that it is possible for the vehicle to be a “heavy lifter from sea to shore”.

Aims To Launch 25,000 Units By 2025

With regards to future business plans, Mr Neo said that the firm plans to launch it in 25 US cities by 2025, with 1,000 units in each city.

In the long term, he plans to introduce a membership-based scheme to increase affordability for all. Maintenance and upgrading fees will be borne by the firm.

However, these members would need to undergo a two-hour training session before they can fly the vehicle.

Mr Neo adds that he hopes that the regulations will change in time to come to allow a launch in Singapore and other cities.

In the meantime, he will explore opportunities to work with the authorities.

Featured Image Credit: Neo Aeronautics

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