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This M’sian AdTech Platform Will Use AI To Grab A Slice Of A USD10 Bil Industry

Digital media platform Innity have recently launched Passionation—a social media influencer marketing platform that aims to become a leader with a presence in 11 different countries across Asia Pacific.

Last week, Malaysian digital marketing firm Innity ushered in a new chapter with the launch of their new influencer marketing platform. Called Passionation, the new platform will aim to connect influencers large and small with industry-leading brands to achieve more efficient marketing results.

This comes at a time where influencer marketing is experiencing a high, with its global market cap expected to reach the USD10 billion mark by 2020, and about 8% of marketers planning to grow their influencer marketing spend in 2019.*

*These figures were quoted as from eMarketer by Passionation in their press release.

How Passionation will attempt to differentiate itself in the market will be with the implementation of its AI-driven platform. Hence, they will be efficient in solving the problem of authenticity and transparency when it comes to influencers, and also help matchmake brands and influencers for a better strategic fit.

According to the Pasionation team, their platform will be able to help marketers find their niche from a base containing over 2,000 influencers from different specialisations such as fitness, travel, parenthood, or F&B among other things.

They’ll also be able to drive influencer relationship management, reporting, fraud detection, and ultimately help both parties ultimately create the most effecting and engaging marketing campaigns possible.

What’s better formarketers is the fact that they can also repurpose influencercampaigns into Innity’s display ads and mobile ads that are alreadyon its vast network so that a wider audience can be reached.

Connecting Man With Brand

“It’s a naturalthing for us to venture into this space—20 years ago we startedbuilding websites doing media,” said Sean Ter, Innity Malaysia’sCountry Manager. “Now it’s about empowering everyday people andwe saw social influencers being the next space.”

“We see the futurebeing that each person should be able to get revenue from whateverthey post up,” he said. “For example, someone wears a nice tie ora nice dress, and at no extra cost when a friend clicks it and buysit, that person should be able to benefit monetarily.”

On how Passionationwould be able to stand out from other similar platforms out there,Sean explained that their long-standing relationship with giantbrands and their capability for top-tier technical execution would bethe factors that would help them stay relevant in the years to come.

“Our advantage is that there is already the long established trust between advertisers and us, and we have a solid team dedicated to building platforms,” he said. “Ultimately, we don’t brand ourselves as a marketing platform, but an adtech vendor, which is where the difference between us and our competitors lie.”

He also then said that the focus for now would be to start small and slowly expand, with 2019’s target being 10,000 seeders on the platform, with a tenfold increase after that eventually hitting millions of influencers around the SEA region.

“Todate, Passionation connects over 2000 influencers with more than 500businesses, including KFC, AirAsia, INTI, Milo, Laneige, and manymore,” said Innity CEO and co-founder Phang Chee Leong. “We arealso happy to have established close and direct relationships withour influencers since we started.”

“Contentcreators are often approached by brands and agencies to participatein marketing campaigns, but they are typically full of logisticalchallenges,” he added. “Our plan with Passionation is to make theprocess effortless and transparent for both marketers andinfluencers.”

As of today, Passionation is fully operational and available to influencers and clients in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

To know more about Passionation, you can visit their website or Facebook page.

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