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8 Reasons Shopee Should Be The Go-To For All Your Man Cave Needs

Most men (including myself) are pretty adamant about having their own space. Known in modern culture as a “man cave”, these spaces are usually pretty different from the rest of the house.

If you’re anything like me, the sheer amount of shopping that’s needed to be done to set up your man cave can be daunting. Frequent online shoppers, however, would know that there’s already a one-stop solution.

Here are 8 reasons why Shopee is the go-to for all your man cave needs.

1) Functional And Convenient

You know those trolleys that they have at large stores? The ones you have to lug around the mall, hoping you don’t get one with a bad wheel. Let’s leave that behind.

A habit that I’ve picked up while doing my own online shopping is to add all sorts of items or goods into my virtual cart, and only make final decisions when I’m about to checkout. I usually remove about half of the goods in the end, so this helps me keep my spending down.

Not something I could do while shopping at a hardware store, I imagine I’d be kicked out shortly after.

2) Plethora Of Choices

The amount of choices we have on platforms such as Shopee are pretty incredible. I’ve even come across items that I didn’t even know existed, let alone tried to buy.

For example, I was looking for an Android box online recently—as far as I knew, there were only generic branded options from China available at physical stores around the Klang Valley.

However, a quick search through Shopee and I discovered quite a few options, including Android boxes from overseas.

3) Themed Promotional Weeks

Part of what makes Shopee a little different to other e-commerce platforms are their themed weeks. Depending on the theme, the site has a different set of promotions every week.

Personally, I find these weeks a good opportunity to actually find things I’d never heard of (such as the earphone splitter in the picture above).

4) Affordable Door-To-Door Delivery

When it comes to jazzing up my own space, the items I purchase can range from the tiny (read: gaming mouses) to the humongous (read: flat screen TVs). We’ve all had to resort to paying an exorbitant amount to stores for them to deliver larger items, often with mandatory installation fees as well.

As I’m the sort of guy that prefers to DIY my installations, I’ve always found these extra charges to be pretty redundant.

When purchasing with Shopee, take note of the delivery charges when you purchase an item—chances are, the fee would be minimal.

5) Instant Price Comparisons

Speaking of prices, I once spent 5 hours in a mall, just to get the best possible price for a PlayStation.

So the next time I’m about to buy something, I’ll do myself a favour and run my price comparisons on Shopee, where I’ll be able to view/compare seller ratings, reviews, and of course, prices.

6) International Shops At Your Fingertips

Sometimes the products you want aren’t available locally. You might have to resort to alternative methods of getting your items if they aren’t available, especially electronic gadgets.

I recently purchased a Google Home speaker online (for the sole reason of living my childhood dream of having my very own Jarvis), as Google did not release it here.

Pro Tip: Buying products that have to be delivered internationally may take longer than local products. Make sure you check the delivery time before confirming your purchase.

7) Monitoring Pricing Trends

While some of the nits and bits of your man cave can be relatively simple purchases, some of the bigger and more expensive on your wishlist might require a little more consideration before hitting that “buy” button.

For gadgets such as smartphones, prices can fluctuate wildly. Monitoring prices on Shopee is a markedly simpler process than monitoring them on physical stores, with the app even notifying you if an item that you’re interested in is suddenly discounted for whatever reason.

8) Catered For Men

From the 21st till the 25th of February, Shopee will having a campaign called Shopee for Men that curates its selection specifically for men’s shopping habits.

As part of the promotion, there will be a lowest price guarantee for all products available for the thematic week, with 200% cashback vouchers available as well.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that there will also be a 0% instalment plan as well as RM25 deals that come with free shipping.

The week’s goodies aren’t limit to just numbers, however. They’ll also be releasing a game (all within the Shopee app), Slicing Samurai, where gamers simply “slice” virtual products to win prizes, coins, and rewards.

The Shopee for Men week (21-25 February) will feature 5 thematic days:

21 February (Thursday): Tech, Gaming, and Car Fans22 February (Friday): Stylish Gents23 Feburary (Saturday): Fitness and Health Buffs24 February (Sunday): Family Men25 February (Monday): General Men

To help you get started, use these promo codes:


So it’s not that inconvenient to bring your vision of a perfect man cave into reality. The fact that Shopee reported in a recent press release that there’s an increase in male purchases from the DIY and hardware category is evidence enough that this is a growing trend.

According that same press release, another popular category visited on Shopee was the “Mobile and Accessories” category, becoming the most visited category by men, with gadget shopping activities increasing by 10% between 8 and 9pm. No surprise there.

What is surprising, however, is that their report found that women’s watches are one of the most purchased items by male shoppers, with “Health & Beauty” being the 2nd-most visited category for men.

What does this tell us? There is a growing trend of male shoppers—and decking out your man cave is a big part of that.

You can find out more about the Shopee for Men campaign here.

This article is written in collaboration with Shopee.

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