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Help Najib Pay His RM3.5 Million Bail—This Game Lets You Throw Diamonds At Him

Satirical mobile game, ‘Where’s Najib?’ is published by Glassfire Games, a Singapore-based indie game studio.The free mobile game features the scandal-hit ex-prime minister of Malaysia, and uses the lens of satire to view the allegations surrounding Najib Razak.

The recent controversy surrounding our ex-prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has been grabbing headlines around the world yet again. A mountain of legal challenges lies ahead for Najib as authorities are bringing fresh charges against him over the multibillion-ringgit 1 Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) scandal.

One only wonders when he will be put behind bars as court proceedings usually take awhile and Najib has gathered a formidable legal team that includes the former United States Attorney General, John Ashcroft.

With so much evidence piling up against him, who knows if he might attempt to make a run for it? After GE14, it was said that Najib and his wife were due to depart for Jakarta to take a “break”. However, the Immigration Department of Malaysia blacklisted the both of them from travelling overseas.

Since then, Najib and his wife has been in Malaysia and who knows when they would make their next move to go on a “holiday” again?

With that in mind, during the whole GE14 ordeal, the most important question the public asked was “Where is Najib?”.

A Singaporean indie mobile game studio called Glassfire Games jumped on that question to make an app about it. Called “Where Is Najib”, it’s designed as a whack-a-mole style game.


The game is pretty simple: Najib’s head appears out of multiple holes and all you need to tap on it as fast as possible.

But if anyone has very strong feelings about him, you might be disappointed. You won’t be using a hammer to hit him—you will be throwing a diamond at him. The diamond probably represents the 22-carat pink diamond set in a necklace worth about RM115 million that is said to be with Rosmah.

Players have ten seconds to score 100 points.

If the player scores enough points in time, they unlock an answer to the question “Where Is Najib?”. There are 101 answers for players to unlock, including tongue-in-cheek locations.

“You found Najib! He’s telling a pineapple tart how he really feels about being probed.”

“You found Najib! He’s hiding the paper trail… by throwing away all his paperclips.”

“You found Najib! He’s googling ‘how to delete your computer’.”

So go ahead and whack to your hearts content with this game, as I got bored after 10 minutes with it. As it is meant as a fun and simple game, don’t expect much and you probably can go through 101 of the answers in a short time.

Let’s just hope that we won’t need to ask “Where Is Najib” in the near future, as we are already looking for one of his accomplices a.k.a. the Billion Dollar Whale, Jho Low, grifter and social climber extraordinaire, who managed to steal billions of dollars from the people of Malaysia.

Maybe the folks at Glassfire Games can do a game on “Where Is Jho Low” and actually give us clues to where he really is?

The game is currently only available for download on the Apple App Store and slated for release on the Google PlayStore in Q4 2018.

If you would like to play the game you can download from the Apple App Store here.

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