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Millennial Stories, Blockchain, Fortnite: These Are The YouTube Channels That S'pore Loved In 2018

As choruses of “How did 2018 go by so fast?!” rise in the last month of the year, YouTube is back with their annual Rewind to highlight and reminisce the videos we loved most.

This year has seen a positive trend of Singaporeans watching more Singaporean content, with 6 videos by local creators making the Top 10 list.

In fact, our local pride shone brightly as we united in bringing NDPeeps‘ remake of the 1987 classic “We Are Singapore” right to the top.

Entertaining us with humour that anyone who grew up in Singapore can relate to, Night Owl Cinematics and Jianhao Tan also made the cut with their videos that poked fun at the experiences of student life.

Singapore watched earnestly, and perhaps shed a few tears, as 22-year-old YouTuber Naomi Neo documented her moving wedding.

Even local broadcasters won over more views, as they rose to the challenge of creating more interesting and exclusive content.

CNA Insider did this by giving viewers unprecedented access to see what it’s like inside Singapore’s only women’s prison.

Here’s the full list of the Top Trending YouTube Videos in Singapore for 2018:

NDPeeps – “We Are Singapore – NDP 2018 Theme Song [Official Music Video]”浙江卫视音乐频道 ZJSTV Music Channel – 欢迎订阅 – “[ CLIP ] 林俊杰《我们的爱》《梦想的声音2》EP.11 20180112 /浙江卫视官方HD/”Ryan Sylvia (Night OwlCinematics) – “12 Types of Classmates”FIFATV – “Portugal v Spain – 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM – MATCH 3”Jianhao Tan – “12 TEACHERS YOU’LL NEVER WANT TO MEET”Naomi Neo – “Getting Married | Naomi Neo’s Wedding”AsapSCIENCE – “Do You Hear “Yanny” or “Laurel”? (SOLVED with SCIENCE)”CNA Insider – “Inside Singapore’s Only Women’s Prison | CNA Insider”Mediacorp Channel 8 – “2018年新传媒全体艺人齐贺岁《阿狗狗旺旺过好年》”BuzzFeedVideo – “We Tried Four Different Breakfasts In Singapore”

S’pore Content Creators Are Making New Waves

Beyond ranking our most played videos, YouTube Singapore has also released its Rising Creators List.

This accolade was introduced last year to celebrate “emerging creators who have seen exceptional growth in their subscribers over the year”.

In 2018, the Singapore YouTube community prospered, seeing the number of channels with more than 100,000 subscribers double from last year.

These are the channels that made YouTube Singapore’s Rising Creators List:

Millennials of SingaporeSushii Films – Fornite MoviesRock The Block LivePlaytime TVTitan & Gaius

Coming out at the top, Millennials of Singapore puts youths in the spotlight and tells their compelling and inspiring stories.

Their videos create conversations around the topics relevant to Singapore’s millennial generation, from family and relationships, to dealing with life’s challenges and taking unconventional paths.

The channel is also known for its popular series, Real Talk, which discusses controversial topics through the sharing of personal experiences and often elicits plenty of laughs.

“When we started Millennials of Singapore, we were driven to tell untold stories of Singaporean youths,” said Jacky Yap, Managing Director of GRVTY Media, the parent company of Millennials of Singapore.

“We knew YouTube was the ideal platform for these stories to reach millions and we are truly honoured and encouraged by this recognition from the good people at YouTube. We look forward to creating new, honest and fresh content in 2019,” he added.

With the phenomenon of Fortnite becoming a worldwide gaming sensation, Sushii Films – Fornite Movies takes the second place.

They’ve captivated audiences this year with their blockbuster quality films made on the widely popular game.

In third, Rock The Block Live hosted by Eugene Tay breaks down financial topics, particularly blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Its appearance on the list shows that Singaporeans are invested in consuming educational content, and maintain a keen interest in learning about blockchain and its uses.

Joining the ranks, Playtime TV hosted by Jianhao Tan, and Titan & Gaius, have gained subscribers rapidly even though the two channels were only started in recent months.

Playtime TV has drawn in an audience of young parents who look out for family-friendly content, while Titan & Gaius lets subscribers get to know them and be part of their relationship through their personal vlogs.

This year, we’ve consumed content that fuels our curiosity and satisfies our need for fun.

But on top of that, our 2018 with YouTube also reflects a healthy demand for locally-produced content, and a desire to connect with the experiences of Singaporeans.

Find out more about all the year’s trending videos at YouTube Singapore’s Rewind Channel.

Disclosure: Vulcan Post is a wholly-owned publication under GRVTY Media’s group of media brands including Millennials of Singapore, Discover SG, and The Playbook.

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